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Quiz Competitions in College Fests, Events in November 2014. Some of the Events having Quiz Competitions.

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College Fest Name College CityStateQuiz Events
CUIZ - 2014
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Christ University Bengaluru Karnataka 1. General Quiz Open to college students QM: Himadri Banerjee - Christ University Quiz Association Date: 28 November, 2014 Registration time: 8:30 am 2. Audio Visual Quiz Open to college students QM: Omkar Kamalapur Date: 28 November, 2014 Registration time: 1:30 pm 3. Business and Technology Quiz Open to college students QM: Vinay Mudaliar Date: 29 November, 2014 Registration time: 8:30 am 4. Sports and Entertainment Quiz Open to college students QM: Thejaswi Udupa Date: 29 November, 2014 Registration time: 11:00 am 5. Open Quiz Open to college students and corporate professionals QM: Dr. Arul Mani Date: 29 November, 2014 Registration time: 2:00 pm Venue: Central Block, Christ University, Hosur road, Bangalore *Teams of up to three members for all Quizzes except the open Quiz. *No cross-college teams allowed for college Quizzes. Identity cards must be produced during registration. *Cross-college/corporate teams are allowed for the open Quiz. *Prize money for each of the four college Quizzes: First place: INR 9,000 Second place: INR 6,000 Third place: INR 3,000 *Prize money for the Open Quiz: First place: INR 15,000 Second place: INR 12,000
Eclat 2014
Cultural, Management, Conference
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Marian College Kuttikanam Kuttikanam Kerala Business Quiz-10000 Best management Team-12000 Marketing Maestro-10000 EPL Auction-12000 Corporate Walk-10000 Overall Championship For College
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Institute of Management and Technology IMT Punnapra Alappuzha Kerala Pg Events Best Manager Business Quiz Hr Game Marketing Game Ug Events General Quiz Collage Common Events Spot Photography
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Swarnandhra College of Engineering and Technology Narsapur Andhra Pradesh Paper presentation Project/Model Exhibition Technical Quiz
Arthayudh 2014
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Christ University Bengaluru Karnataka Marketing Finance Operations Human Resource Best Manager Quiz B-Plan Group Task Corporate Event
CSI 2014
Technical, Workshop, Conference, Seminar
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JNTU Hyderabad Hyderabad Telangana Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Paper Presentations, Quiz,
Eminence 14
Cultural, Management
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St Marys College Manarcad Kottayam Kerala Best Manager - Rs 9000 , Product Launch - Rs 11000, Business Quiz - Rs 9000, IPL Auction - Rs 9000, Dance - Rs 16000, Photography - Rs 3000, Duet - Rs 3000. Prize Worth - 60k
Technovanza 2014
Technical, Management, Conference, Online
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Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute VJTI Mumbai Maharashtra AUTOBOTS • WALL-E: Intelligent bots tested by a shrewd arena! The bots will have to tackle challenges thrown by the automated arena in the forms of line following, grid solving and wall following. The fastest bot with most efficient code will take home the title of – “WALL-E”. Cash Prize of 8,000 INR to be won. ( ) • VRC: ISRO successfully placed the Mangalyaan in Mars' orbit; we give you the perfect space mission for a Robotics fanatic. Create your own Manual & Auto bots and compete on a demanding arena to place your Mangalyaan in its orbit! The arena is sure to test your technical as well as creative skills so suit up & get in! Get a chance to win cash prize of INR 40000! ( ) • ROBOWARS: Like the sound of metal clashing against metal? If yes then the Technovanza Robowars arena is the place to be! Feel the heat of competition as strong & robust wireless bots confront in an all-guns-blazing showdown with the opponent! Cash prize of INR 80000 to be won! ( ) • MONSTER ARENA: Think your bot can take on any obstacles thrown at it? We give you a gruelling track filled with a heady mix of obstacles to test your bot. Toughen up and drive your bot through this MonsterArena to emerge the top dog. We’ll be giving cash prizes of INR 15000! ( ) ROBOMAZE: If you are one of those crazy puzzle lovers, we challenge you to build a manually controlled bot and drive it through complex mazes within as less time as possible.Prizes worth INR 5000 to be won. ( ) • ROBOSOCCER: Interested in football? And want to make it tech-savvy? Make a manually controlled bot that can play football. Participate in this amazing event at Technovanza and Prizes worth INR 5000. ( ) I-CODE • C-WAY: Here algorithms and breakthrough coding techniques will stand tall. Are you ready to solve challenging problems the “C-way”? Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won.( ) • JAVA GURU: It’s not simply the java in your cup; it’s how you prepare it that makes it worth consuming. The challenge will consist of crosswords & jumbled code debugging. Think it’s your cup of Java? Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won. ( ) • TECHNOHUNT: Enter the world of exquisite programming where your analytical & logical skills will be put to test in a series of juxtaposed coding riddles and problems requiring concentration & coordination. Use knowledge of C, C++ or Java & crack the levels to emerge victorious in this Technohunt!Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won! ( ) • ULTIMATE CODER: Ever wondered to experience the most challenging coding competition? Can you keep your cool under tense situations & focus on your code? If yes, then this is the event for you! Prizes worth INR 25000 to be won! ( ) • MISSION SQL: What do Google, Facebook and Yahoo have in common? They are all contingent on DATA. Databases are the underlying stanchions of the IT world and if you think you have what it takes to keep them from toppling, try you’re might at “Mission SQL”! Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won! ( • CODE SWAP: Code Swap is a co-ordination based programming challenge where the players in a team will interchange their codes. Swapping allows the players to code in not only one but two programs in different languages which makes it all the more interesting and challenging. Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won! ( ) I-MECH • CLIMB-E-ROPE: Well the title says it all! We give you the rope to success, but can your bot climb it? The hydraulic equipment can be as simple as a syringe! Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won. ( ) • FAST & FURIOUS: Make the fastest and toughest IC Engine car & brace yourselves as you manoeuvre it around an all-terrain course with steep ramps and tight bends! Go fast, go furious and punch in the fastest times to blow away the competition! Cash prize of INR 45000 up for grabs! ( ) I-BUILD • BRIDGE THE GAP: Through “Bridge the Gap”, Technovanza offers you the challenge to design and construct a model of a cable stayed bridge and cantilever made of popsicle sticks, adhesive and thread that will portage maximum load along with sufficing the constraints. Prizes worth INR 5000 to be won. ( ) • TECHNO CITY: Ever harbored dreams of building a city? Realize your dream through Technovanza’s newest event, wherein you’ve to put creativity and planning skills to use and create the perfect City! Prizes worth INR 5000 to be won! ( ) MANAGERIA • UNICUS • HIRE • WALLSTREET • CONSULTANT • FREAKONOMICS • BIZ Quiz • SCAM • WEBPRENEUR EUREKA • TPP: Here’s your chance to present yourself, explain the working of gadgets or provide innovative solutions to the current problems faced by the world. Grab this opportunity and present your views by submitting and drafting your thesis on white paper. Based on your fact-finding and experimentation you will be rewarded with cash prizes worth INR 12000! ( ) • HSW: Look around yourself. You’re surrounded by a world full of new technologies and innovations. Surely you must have wondered how a particular technology you’ve taken for granted for oh so long actually works! Here’s your chance to get behind the mechanics of stuff and gain conceptual and working knowledge of the latest discoveries and inventions. Prizes worth INR 5000 to be won! ( ) • X-CON: X-CON is a national level event to display your exhibits and projects ranging from electronics to robotics, mechanics, civil, physics experiments, etc. Make use of this platform provided by Technovanza to showcase your ideas to the world by redesigning technologies and devices. There are prizes worth INR 12000 to be won! ( ) • JUNIOR X-CON: Young, unadulterated minds are often the most creative at coming up with simple, yet efficient solutions to complex problems. We, at Technovanza, invite these young, bright minds to showcase their ideas through working models accompanied by lucid explanations during these three days of our fest. Prizes worth INR 3000 are to be won! ( ) • RCMO: Do you think you’re fast enough to solve any cube? Want a platform where you can compete in this aspect with like-minded people? Technovanza presents Rubik’s Cube Mumbai Open (RCMO), a WCA certified event and one of India’s largest cubing competitions, provides with one such opportunity. ( ) • CONTRAPTION • IMPULSE • TRICKY TRONICS • TEXT-O-MANIA • CLICK N' CAPTURE • GOOGLE JUNKIE • TECH-Quiz • TWEET TO WIN! • TECH-CHARADES • LAN GAMING FUN EVENTS • LASER CS • AQUA SOCCER • TECHNO DRIFT • MASTER OF PUPPETS ONLINE • ALGOCRACK • CODE SWAP • CRYPTEXT • MYST • VSM
IGIT Youth Fiesta
Cultural, Literary, Online
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Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang Sarang Odisha iMun(Model United Nations), Quiz, Debate, Dance, Drama, Expresso
Technical, Cultural, Management, Sports, Literary, Workshop, Conference, Seminar, Online
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Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore Tamil Nadu Events details-  Coding Hunt  Codroid  Debug Me  BIG BOSS  TEchnical Quiz  Electrospark  Mechatrix  Think-IC  Robotics  Paper Presentation  Poster Presentation  IManage  Noesis  Fun-Events  And many more to be added Workshops:  Big Data with hadoop on the help of cloud using MAPR  Ethical Hacking and Honey pot security  And many more to be added
Technical, Management, Workshop, Seminar, Symposium, Online, Other
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Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore Tamil Nadu Sher-e-ece Mikromaniac Best Manager Robo war Circuit Pshycs Paper Presentation Project Presentation C Hunt R Coding Digitrix Technozzles Quiz Treasure Hunt PCB Tekton Noticia Hunt Placements Webench Simulation and more Exciting Events
Plinth 2015
Technical, Management, Literary, Workshop, Conference, Seminar, Symposium, Online
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The LNM Institute of Information Technology Jaipur Rajasthan Computer Society–Computing and programming has enabled humans to make machines do enormous tasks at their whims. But, mistakes in the same waste human endeavours. Will you survive or fall into the abyss of buggy code? PLINTH presents an immense opportunity to all the coders, hackers and developers to showcase their talent. Electronics/Mechatronics – For those of you who are addicted to the crackling of electronic-circuits and mind-boggling mechanical applications, PLINTH presents a diverse set of events with challenging problem statements. Encompassing areas like embedded, robotics and circuit designing, be prepared to play with currents and voltages to your advantage. It’s time to grab your mettle, act on metal! Management – From exploring your avenues in marketing and tackling your brain with the good ol’ case study, to the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship, PLINTH brings to you a varied line of Business Events that are sure to test your business acumen, intellectual prowess and much more. Welcome to the biggest race to analyse, decide and innovate! Quizzing – Race against the clock, get your buzzing accurate and brush up your know-how, because PLINTH brings together some of the most competitive Quizzers and Quizmasters of the country – all battling the questions on the path to glory! Astronomy – If you want to rise above this planet, if you have the burning desire to unveil the mysteries of this universe, come and live your passion, prove your mettle in a diverse range of competitive Astronomy events and Quizzes. Literary–PLINTH welcomes the remarkable, witty, sensitive and brilliant literary-geeks to come together for competing in readings, debates, discussions and Quizzes. A space to dare, dream and imagine, this is your chance to triumph with the right flow of thoughts!
Motor Zundung 2015
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NIT Durgapur Durgapur West Bengal Robotics Transmission Jig for a Jigsaw Junkyard Wars Autorun - Treasure Hunt Schaffen- Paper Presentation Auto Quiz AutoFocus - Online Photography Competition CAD Workshop BAJA Workshop MZ Nights
Technical, Workshop, Symposium, Online
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Madras Institute of Technology Chennai Tamil Nadu Onsite Programming Contest Online Programming Contest Google Trotter-Online Treasure Hunt Hackathon Reverse Coding Sequel Scholars Charatte Connoisseurs-web designing Coffee with Java Dexterity Unbounded Pursuit of Prodigies General Quiz Math-O-Mania
Aavishkaar 2015
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Seth GSMC and KEM Hospital Mumbai Maharashtra PRONITES: Step Up- A fantastic intercollegiate dance-off! Fahrenheit- If you think you have it, sizzle the ramp in this intercollegiate fashion show! Decibel- A battle of the bands! Fight it out with the best bands in the business, and show us why music is your life. Dreamz- A truly surreal dance show which will take your breath away. Alfaaz- Laugh, cry and dance along with the awesomest Hindi musical in the business. N2O- You won't stop laughing at this hilarious stand up comedy show. After all, laughter is the best medicine. SPORTS- Everything from badminton, tennis, football, cricket to table tennis, chess and carrom; if you play it, we've got someone who wants to beat you. Huge cash prizes are at stake! INFORMALS: Think yourself a master of juggling? Do you have a wierd mastery of treasure-hunting? This is the place for you. Come have fun and win prizes in a plethora of contests and Quizzes. PERFORMING ARTS: Do you consider yourself a good singer? Maybe you're amazing at mimicry. Every year, Aavishkaar attracts the best performers throughout the stage as they sound off against each other. Whether watching or participating, this is non stop entertainment. FINE ARTS: T-Shirt Painting, Rangoli, Mehendi, Graffiti, Pottery.... the options are endless. Compete with the best or just come to learn, you will never be disappointed. Cash prizes available. LITERATI: Harry Potter nerd? Sherlock fan? Or inspired poet? This is for you. A literature buff's absolute fantasy, taking part in our varied events is as much fun as winning! ADVENTURA: Laser tag! Paintball! Zip lining! Bowling! Need we say anything else?
Technical, Cultural, Sports
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Terna Engineering College Mumbai Maharashtra Technical Paper Presentation National Level Project Presentation Dance Competition Fashion Show Lord Of strings Volley Ball Cricket Football Robo-Hurdles Robo-War Gaming Treasure Hunt Mock-Parliament Tech Quiz

List of fests in other States | List of fests by Cities | List of fests by Colleges