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V=U+AT '15
13th Oct 2015
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Sri Krishna College of Technology

Assembling & Dismantling
Bio Mimicry
General Quiz
How Things Work
Material Identification.
Paper Presentation
Spell Bee
Water Rocketry
RC Car racing
Dirt Bike racing
Bike show & stunts
Workshop on CREO 2.0
Fun Games
Project Display

Repertoire 2015
14th Oct 2015
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Delhi Technological University

Junkyard -Using the provided materials, the participant is expected to make a value added commodity that may have some practical use. Limited resources, limited time and a problem to solve. That’s what ‘Junkyard’ is all about. All that you need to do, is some “Juggad from Kabbad”. Put on your hats of creativity, get ready to dirty your hands, bring out the genius within and look hard before you decide to discard the diamond in the rock. Let the Battle of Trash begin!

Panache- Panache is a Quiz which will test your general knowledge based on anything and everything under the sun. All you need is comprehensive knowledge and an impeccable presence of mind to crack this nut. So if you are a college student with a quest for knowledge, you HAVE TO be there. And irrespective of your winning or not, PANACHE is akshaypatra, from which endless amrit of knowledge flows out.

SPAVe - S-PAVe i.e. the Student Professional Awareness Venture - is a student’s first look into the professional world of management, business, and estimates. Guess estimates and case studies require no more than aptitude, logic, and out of the box thinking. It’s something everyone’s capable of doing but only a few are successful at. If you’ve chosen to take the “non-tech road” or just simply want a break from all the technical/engineering “stuff” and rattle your brain you’d want to try your hand at current-X and (S)PAVe your way to success.

Vihaan- Vihaan is the event organized by IEEE DTU Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group, which is the largest professional organization dedicated to promoting women scientists and engineers and inspiring young girls to find their technical aptitude.

IEEE WIE believes in encouraging talent that is not bound by gender inequalities and with Vihaan, IEEE DTU aims at carrying this thought forward. The event aims to use the power of language to empower women. The issues that women face at their home, workplace or elsewhere shall be deliberated upon in form of various debating competitions. The event is aimed to ideate new solutions to these challenges to create a world where gender inequalities cease to exist. The event is open for all.

Quiz 15
15th Oct 2015
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Ideal Institute of Management and Technology

Inter College Quiz Competition

Azionare 2k-15
16th Oct 2015
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Trikaripur Arts and Science College

1. Ice Breaking
2. Best Manager
3. HR Game
4. Business Quiz
5. Marketing Game
6. Finance Game
7. Photography
8. Beauty Contest
9. Treasure Hunt
cultural events and Spot Games

Kritva '15
16th Oct 2015
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International Management Institute Delhi
New Delhi

Management Events:-
1) Gladius2.0 - The HR Quiz and simulation game.
2) Ranneeti
3) Treasure-O-Mania 5.0
4) Vidhan - A Business ​Case Study Contest
5) Fin Charades - A test of your Financial Terminologies.
6) Globus Feneratus - A True Test for Global Investors
7) Samadhan - Designing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy for a company in time of crisis.
8) Excalibur
9) Arthneeti
10) Gamalytics - A game of analytics
11) Karmanta - The case study competition
12) Mahindra AQ - Quiz
13) All India Bemisaal-A.I.B -
14) Strategy Bazaar - Strategy based Case Study Event
15) Pitch Please - Business Plan event

Cultural events
1) RANGMANCH - inter college street play competition
3) Quiz INC.- Corporate Quiz
4) FLAMBOYANCE - fashion show
5) AALAP - inter college singing competition
6) IPL Bidding -

Rhythm 15
16th Oct 2015
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DeenBandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology

A) Classical Music (solo)
Classical Vocal Solo
Classical instrumentation Solo(Percussion)
Classical instrumentation Solo(Non-Percussion)
B) Light Music (Solo)
Light Music Vocal (Ghazal)
Light Music Vocal (Geet/Bhajan)
Western Vocal Solo
Light Music Vocal (Folk)
C) Group Music (General/Folk/Western)
Group song (General,Western & Folk)
Folk Orchestra
D) Duet Music
Duet Music (Classical/Light)

Battle Of Bands

Classical Dance (solo)
Folk/Western (Solo)
Group Dance
Duet Dance
Sunehri Yaadein (Flashback)

Nukkad Naatika
Bollywood in Haryana
One Act Play

Literary Events
Poetic Recitation

on the Spot Painting
Poster Making
Clay Modeling
Installation/ best Out of Waste
Spot Photography

Tech Melange 2015
16th Oct 2015
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Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women University of Delhi
New Delhi

Lan-gaming, Hard-code, E-tambola, Brain Wreck(online Quiz), Tech-sharades, Whiz-Quiz, Scavengers(treasure Hunt) and Crossword. Other interesting and Exciting Small Games awaiting.

Dhruva 2k15
16th Oct 2015
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NSS College of Engineering

1) Robo War
2) Robo Race
3) Line Follower
4) Find and Diffuse
6) Bermuda Triangle
7) Mr.Electronics
8) Dark Room
9) Quiz(Re-ignite)
10) Investigation Based(Pseudo Holmes)
11) Treasure Hunt(Tricky Track)
12) Gaming - Nfs Most Wanted, Fifa 11
13) Business Event(Awamedha)
14) 3’s Football

Smart InfrEst 15
17th Oct 2015
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Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology

To create an engaging atmosphere for the delegates, the Smart Infr-Est 2015 has defined a number of main events, described below.

1.Make it: The participants will be given material and they must make something; the material will include newspaper, straws, threads, cello tape, color etc
2.AutoCAD designing: The participants will be given some readings and measurements and number of rooms and they have to design using those measurement
3.Extempore: We will give them some topics on the spot; and the participants must speak on it
4.Quiz: The Quiz will comprise of both technical and non technical questions
5.Elocution: We will give them some topics before the event itself; and the participants must speak on it
6.Video Q/A: In this event, people will be shown a movie and they will be asked questions related to this movie
7.Poster Presentation
8.Technical paper presentation:
Smart Infr-Est 2015 offers a wide range of topics for the technical paper presentation. The following are the topics,

a)Smart materials and smart structures
b)Intelligent transport system
c)Sky bus technology
d)Evaluation of earthquakes
e)Urban Transport
f)You can present your own topic

9.Working models exhibition


17th Oct 2015
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Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology
Greater Noida

A range of events from Robotics, Games, Coding, design, literary and Quizzes.

Workshop on Dismantling of Complete Car 15
17th Oct 2015
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MANIT Bhopal

Design and Draw, Mega Marvels, Walls on the water
Junkyard Wars, WATER ROCKET, SUSPENSION RIDE, CAD Modelling, Hydraulic Crane
Chasse électrique, Digital Fortress, POWER DEGENERATO
Arch Archons, Built Up, Perspective
Chemistryfied, Chem Rockets, Asavana
Beat the Bits, WEBPAGE CRAFTING, Blind Coding, C Bay, Codathon
Devil Hack, Code Canyon, Codechef Coding
Circuit Grate, ElectroShopee, IRRADIAR
Mission Promethius, ROBOPerk, Mud Rally, RoboSoccer
Bid Bonanza, Bluff Master, Penny in my Pocket, DEAL OR NO DEAL
AD MAD, Paper Presentation Events
QuizZOTICAA, Devilment, Illuminati
Tech Interino, Trivia
Udyam, Umang, Kalakriti, Trash Castle
Gaming Events - CS, FIFA, NFS, Laser Combat 2K13, PaintBall, Archery
Exhibition – Architecture, Air Show, Astro Photography, Star Gazing, PIXEL, OmniPresent Exhibition, Engine Expo.
Workshops - Rubic Cube, Ethical Hacking, Robotics, ORNITHOPTER, REVIT, Bamboo Art Designing,
Guest lectures
TECH-NITES - Hand Shadow Graphy, Garba Night, Cultural Night.

Colossus v5.0
17th Oct 2015
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Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Bijwasan

1. Trick a Tale
2. Bucket N Ball
3. Circuitrix
4. Bouquet Foam Carving
5. Treasure Hunt
6. Quiz Tecnico
7. Hydroshoot
8. Robosoccer
9. Roborace
10. Codesense
11. Crazy Laser
12. Lan Gaming


1. T-shirt Designing
2. Dubsmash

19th Oct 2015
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Marian International Institute of Management

Best Manager, HR Game, Marketing Game, Finance Game, Business Quiz, Best Management Team, Entrepreneurship Game, Tresure Hunt,Online Gaming, IPL Auction, Theme Show, Photography.

Amalthea 2015
24th Oct 2015
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Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar

1. Tech-know-Quest
2. In-Quizzed
3. Quiz-O-Tech
4. Robomilitia
5. Innovent
6. Sesmism
7. D'Code
8. Falling Dominos
9. SCMU-IITGN cube event

KarmAnta 2K15
26th Oct 2015
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Vimal Jyothi Institute of Management and Research

Best Management Team
Best Manager
Human Resource Game
Business Quiz
Marketing Game
Finance Game
Corporate Fashion Show
Dance Competition
Photography (Spot Event )

TechNIdarshan '15
29th Oct 2015
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NMAM Institute of Technology Nitte

General Events
• Dexter’s Laboratory
• Thinking Cap
• Keyboard Ninja
• Let’s Roll It
• Computer Warfare
• Keep it Simple Silly
• Tech Juggling
• Digital Assault 2K15
• Sherlocked
• Tantragni
• Can You Fix It?
• Speedcubing
• Panchatantram
• Tech-Ads
• Ungoogle
• Tech-eshi-castle

Design & Build
• Creative Touch
• Set It On Ground
• CADDmania
• Contraptions
• Fiery Birds

• Linkin Part 4.0

• Auto Quiz
• Battle IT Out

• Code Studio
• Webbed 6.0

• Twistease
• Cardomania
• Techtainment
• Robothon
• Suryasparsham
• Burn and Run
• Tech-Roadies 4.0
• Tech-Ops

Mega Treasure Hunt
• Huntertainment
• Adrenaline Rush
• Clash of Clans Reloaded
• Naksha
• Game Of Clues Returns
• Talaash
• Despicable Me

Paper Presentations
• Poster Presentation
• Papyrus
• Tera Byte
• Symposium

Tech Bits
• Labyrinth
• Paintball
• Laser Tag
• Auto Expo

Cranium 15
29th Oct 2015
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CMS Business School Jain University

- Marketing
- Finance
- HR
- Operations & IT
- Business Plan
- Business Quiz
- Best Manager

WaVes 2K15
30th Oct 2015
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Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies

Gold Coast ( Best Manager)
Zuima ( Business Quiz )
Super Tubes ( Hr Game)
Lima ( Marketing Gmae )

30th Oct 2015
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Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

SHOWCASE- Paper and poster Presentation Competetion
APOTHEOSIS- Model Making Competition
EXAMEN - Case Study
CATECHIZE- Quiz Competition
EXEGESIS- Well log Interpretation Competetion
FUTSAL - Fun event
SKETCH'D- Online tshirt designing competetion

Octrux 15
30th Oct 2015
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South Asian University
New Delhi

1.Coding Competition.
5.Treasure Hunt and many more

Enigma 2k15
30th Oct 2015
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Sri Venkateswara Institute of Technology

Paper presentations,Poster presentations,Technical Quiz,Circuit designing,Photography and many more spot events

Mercato 2015
31st Oct 2015
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Jaipuria Institute of Management Ghaziabad

Academic Enrichment, Art & Craft, Baby Show, Exhibitions, Personality Development, Quiz Show, Talent Hunt, Western Dance

7th National HR Summit 2015
31st Oct 2015
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Panel Discussion
Speaker Session by Top Notch HRs
Business Quiz
Interactive Session

Luminance 2k15
6th Nov 2015
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DC school of Management and Technology

  • best Manager

  • best Management Team

  • Finance Game

  • Marketing Game

  • Hr Game

  • Potential Manager

  • Product Launch

  • Event Management

  • Ipl auction

  • Theme Show

  • Theme Dance

  • Business Quiz

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Spot Photography

  • online Photography

  • Network Game

6th Nov 2015
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Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology

1. Paper Presentation
2. Poster Presentation
3. Petrowizard
4. ChemHunt
5. ChemCode
6. CodeMaster
7. AutoDraft
8. Contour Modelling
9. Chemoku
10. PetroWord
11. Mudmash
12. Mineralogy
13. Petrological Case Study
14. Disaster Investigation
15. Parliam Aptitude
16. Business King
17. Oil Business
18. Quiz
19. Informals

Perception 2015
6th Nov 2015
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College of Engineering and Technology Bhubaneswar

1) Quirious(The General Quiz)

Waves 2015
6th Nov 2015
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Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani BITS Goa Campus

Fine Arts
The Waves Specials

Ramsayana 2015
11th Nov 2015
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Rural Academy for Management Studies, Ayyampilly, Cherai

• Best manager
• HR game
• Finance game
• Marketing game
• Business Quiz
• Treasure hunt @ Cherai Beach
• Photography
• Spot events
• Cultural events

Nerdz 2k15
17th Nov 2015
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Jamia Hamdard

Event Name Description Cash Price
Fashion Show Ethnic Fashion Show 500
Dancing feet Dance Competition 500
Clash of Maestros Bands 1500
Antakshari Singing battle 100
Gunjan Singing Competition 100
Rang Manch Street Play 500
Dumb Charades Acting 100
Drop The Bass DJ Competition 1000
SFM Short Film Making 200
Stand up Act 200
Lensography Photography 200
Robotech Robot 500
Innovative Ideas 100
Turn Coat Non technical Quiz 100
Codethon Coding event 100
Tech Quiz Technical Quiz competition 100
Capture The Arena Gaming Event 100
Gray hats Hacking 100
MAD Mobile App Development 100

Mumbai Media Champs
24th Nov 2015
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Deviprasad Goenka Management Institute of Media Studies

Performing arts
1) Rock Band
2) Solo Singing
3) Nukkad Naatak
4) Dance Buzz
5) War of Dj's
6) Fashion Show

Literary arts
7) Webisodes -web Series
8) Parable - Short Story
9) be a Columnist - Column Writing

Fine arts
10) Sketchin
11) art Director -yet bein Worked on

12) Pitch in -business Proposal
13) Crisis Management- Pr Event

14) Go 3d
15) Short Film
16) Documentary
17) Frames Per Second -stop Motion
18) ad Mad - advertisement
19) Cut Cross Criss -editing Event

20) Clicktcha -photography Event
21) Radio Jockey
22) Mq Champ -media Quiz
23) Graphic Designing
24) Video Jockey

25th Nov 2015
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College of Dairy Science and Technology

Technical Events

Colosium - Paper Presentation
Exuidea - Poster Presentation 
Clickz - Online Photography 
Tech Wiz - App Designing
Web Trek - Web Designing
Quizard - Quiz 
Sense O Taste - Product Judging 

Cultural Events 

Beat It - Musical Band competition 
Voice of Riddhi - Musical Solo 
Adhvaya - Synchro Dance 
Face Art - Face Painting

General Events

Industrial Seminar 
Open Forum for Entrepreneurs
Blood Donation Camp

Primicerius 2015
10th Dec 2015
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Bhavans Vivekananda Degree College

There will be a team of 9 members representing a college. There are the following events:
1) The Best Manager; An Individual Event
2) Finance
3) Marketing
4) Human Resources
5) Quiz
All of them being team events of two members each.

Eminence '15
12th Dec 2015
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St Marys College Manarcad

Best Manager
Marketing Game
IPL Auction
Business Quiz
Treasure Hunt
Beauty Hunt (spot event)

Technovanza 15
26th Dec 2015
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Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute VJTI


Some of the highlighted lectures held this time are:

1. Sumeet Jain, Co-founder of StupidSid.com
2. Mr.A.K.Das, the Project director of Mumbai Monorail
3. Mr. Akhil Aryan, Head of Product and Growth at Haptik
4. Rajani Seshadri, Vice President, Tata Consultancy Services
5. MICROSOFT Windows Phone App Development Workshop
.....and many more amazing lectures to come!!


Are you a leader on campus and comfortable coordinating people, events and exhibits?
Apply to become a Technovanza Campus Ambassador for your college campus and join an exclusive network of campus leaders all over the country!
The college cup includes all Events and Exhibits of Technovanza worth INR 5.5 lakhs.
Apply for VJTI Technovanza Campus Ambassador and lead your college to glory - (http://bit.do/campus-ambassador )

For more details about college cup:(www.technovanza.org/robowars.php)


• VRC: Create your own Manual & Auto bots and compete on a demanding arena by completing the tasks assigned! The arena is sure to test your technical as well as creative skills so suit up & get in! Get a chance to win cash prize of INR 55,000!
( www.technovanza.org/vrc.php )

• ROBOWARS: Like the sound of metal clashing against metal? If yes then the Technovanza Robowars arena is the place to be! Feel the heat of competition as strong & robust wireless bots confront in an all-guns-blazing showdown with the opponent!
Cash prize of INR 1,25,000 to be won!
( www.technovanza.org/robowars.php )

• MONSTER ARENA: Think your bot can take on any obstacles thrown at it? We give you a grueling track filled with a heady mix of obstacles to test your bot. Toughen up and drive your bot through this Monster Arena to emerge the top dog. We’ll be giving cash prizes of INR 15000!
( www.technovanza.org/monsterarena.php )

• WALL-E: Intelligent bots tested by a shrewd arena! The bots will have to tackle challenges thrown by the automated arena in the forms of line following, grid solving and wall following. The fastest bot with most efficient code will take home the title of – “WALL-E”. Cash Prize of 10,000 INR to be won.
( www.technovanza.org/walle.php )

• ROBOSUMO: Ever saw a sumo match live! Now watch two bots as rikishis strike each other in a ring with defence as the only Att*ck. Prizes worth INR 15,000 to be won. (www.technovanza.org/robosumo.php )

• ROBOMAZE: If you are one of those crazy puzzle lovers, we challenge you to build a manually controlled bot and drive it through complex mazes within as less time as possible. Prizes worth INR 7000 to be won. ( www.technovanza.org/robomaze.php )

• ROBOSOCCER: Interested in football? And want to make it tech-savvy? Make a manually controlled bot that can play football. Participate in this amazing event at Technovanza and Prizes worth INR 7000.
( www.technovanza.org/robosoccer.php )


• C-WAY: Here algorithms and breakthrough coding techniques will stand tall. Are you ready to solve challenging problems the “C-way”? Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won.(www.technovanza.org/cway.php )

• JAVA GURU: It’s not simply the java in your cup; it’s how you prepare it that makes it worth consuming. The challenge will consist of crosswords & jumbled code debugging. Think it’s your cup of Java? Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won. (www.technovanza.org/javaguru.php )

• TECHNOHUNT: Enter the world of exquisite programming where your analytical & logical skills will be put to test in a series of juxtaposed coding riddles and problems requiring concentration & coordination. Use knowledge of C, C++ or Java & crack the levels to emerge victorious in this Technohunt! Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won!
( www.technovanza.org/technohunt.php )

• ULTIMATE CODER: Ever wondered to experience the most challenging coding competition? Can you keep your cool under tense situations & focus on your code? If yes, then this is the event for you! Prizes worth INR 25000 to be won!
( www.technovanza.org/ultimatecoder.php )

• MISSION SQL: What do Google, Facebook and Yahoo have in common? They are all contingent on DATA. Databases are the underlying stanchions of the IT world and if you think you have what it takes to keep them from toppling, try you’re might at “Mission SQL”! Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won! (http://www.technovanza.org/missionsql.php)

• CODE SWAP: Code Swap is a co-ordination based programming challenge where the players in a team will interchange their codes. Swapping allows the players to code in not only one but two programs in different languages which makes it all the more interesting and challenging. Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won!
( www.technovanza.org/codeswap.php )


• CLIMB-E-ROPE: Well the title says it all! We give you the rope to success, but can your bot climb it? The hydraulic equipment can be as simple as a syringe! Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won. (www.technovanza.org/climberope.php )

• FAST & FURIOUS: Make the fastest and toughest IC Engine car & brace yourselves as you manoeuvre it around an all-terrain course with steep ramps and tight bends! Go fast, go furious and punch in the fastest times to blow away the competition! Cash prize of INR 60,000 up for grabs!
( www.technovanza.org/fast&furious.php )

• BRIDGE THE GAP: Through “Bridge the Gap”, Technovanza offers you the challenge to design and construct a model of a cable stayed bridge and cantilever made of popsicle sticks, adhesive and thread that will portage maximum load along with sufficing the constraints. Prizes worth INR 7,000 to be won. (www.technovanza.org/bridgethegap.php )

• SMART CITY: Ever harbored dreams of building a city? Realize your dream through this event, wherein you’ve to put creativity and planning skills to use and create the perfect City! Prizes worth INR 10,000 to be won!
(www.technovanza.org/dreamville.php )

• X-CON: X-CON is a national level event to display your exhibits and projects ranging from electronics to robotics, mechanics, civil, physics experiments, etc. Make use of this platform provided by Technovanza to showcase your ideas to the world by redesigning technologies and devices. There are prizes worth INR 25000 to be won!
(www.technovanza.org/xcon.php )

• TPP: Here’s your chance to present yourself, explain the working of gadgets or provide innovative solutions to the current problems faced by the world. Grab this opportunity and present your views by submitting and drafting your thesis on white paper. Based on your fact-finding and experimentation you will be rewarded with cash prizes worth INR 15,000!
(www.technovanza.org/tpp.php )

• JUNIOR X-CON: Young, unadulterated minds are often the most creative at coming up with simple, yet efficient solutions to complex problems. We, at Technovanza, invite these young, bright minds to showcase their ideas through working models accompanied by lucid explanations during these three days of our fest. Prizes worth INR 5000 are to be won!
(www.technovanza.org/jrxcon.php )

• RCMO: Do you think you’re fast enough to solve any cube? Want a platform where you can compete in this aspect with like-minded people? Technovanza presents Rubik’s Cube Mumbai Open (RCMO), a WCA certified event and one of India’s largest cubing competitions, provides with one such opportunity. Cash Prize of worth INR 25,000 to be won.
( www.technovanza.org/rcmo.php )
• HSW: Look around yourself. You’re surrounded by a world full of new technologies and innovations. Surely you must have wondered how a particular technology you’ve taken for granted for oh so long actually works! Here’s your chance to get behind the mechanics of stuff and gain conceptual and working knowledge of the latest discoveries and inventions. Prizes worth INR 5000 to be won!
(www.technovanza.org/hsw.php )

• Contraption
• Impulse
• Tricky Tronics
• Text-o-mania
• Click N' Capture
• Google Junkie
• Tech-Quiz
• Tweet to Win!
• Tech-charades
• Lan Gaming
• Unicus
• Hire
• Wallstreet
• Consultant
• Freakonomics
• Biz Quiz
• Scam
• Webpreneur

Fun Events
• Laser Cs
• Aqua Soccer
• Techno Drift
• Master of Puppets

online Events
• Algocrack
• Code Swap
• Cryptext
• Myst

Integration 15
16th Jan 2016
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Indian Statistical Institute

Gaming- CS1.6, CSGO, Dota2, Fifa11
Sports- Chess, Cricket, Football, Carrom, TT
Tech- TechQuiz, Mystiq, MTRP
Cultural- Skit, Singing, Dancing, Cartooning, Quiz, Debate, Photography, Short Film, Band contest

Plinth 16
22nd Jan 2016
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The LNM Institute of Information Technology


E-summit '16
22nd Jan 2016
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IIT Bhubaneswar

Featured Events-
Panel Discussion
Conference on Student Entrepreneurship
Vision Night
investors Drive
Start-up Expo
Student Entrepreneurship Fostering Bodies Meet

Biz Quiz
Business Modelling
Case Study
Idea Implementation Tunnels
Idea Pool
For detailed information visit our website esummit-iitbbs.com

Synapse 2016
25th Feb 2016
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Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology

All the cultural events, debate, Quiz, gaming events, fashion show, and four celebrity nites

25th Feb 2016
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IIT Jodhpur

A. Cultural:
Music, Dance, Fine arts, Hindi literature, English literature, Quiz, Debate

B. Technical:
Aeromodelling, Automobile, Programming, Electronics, Robotics, Wed designing, Project exhibition.

C. Prakriti:
Akriti, Red Cross across India, Ushma, Nav umesh, Blood Donation Camp.

D. Major events:
Clash of bands, Antarang: the fashion show, Group Dance, Robo Soccer, Robo War, WCA Rubik’s Cube

E. Informals:
Breakthrough, Speed dating, LAN gaming, Fun Games, Business events, Tech informals, Scavenger’s hunt.

4th Mar 2016
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IIT Kharagpur

The flagship events are
“Technova” – Technical Paper Presentation
“Metallomania” –Poster making competition.
Apart from research field events , there are other technical events as well .
Technical events include
“Roboladle” – Robotics event
“Virtual Reality” – Coding competition.
There are three Quizzes –
Business(BIZQuiz) ,
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering(METAQuiz)
Engineering Quiz (THE ONE).
Apart from these we also have online events:
Online Photography Competition
Online Quiz

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