Quiz Competitions in College Fests, Events in August 2015. Some of the Events having Quiz Competitions.

College Fest Name College CityStateQuiz Events
Ekalaiva 2k15
Technical, Symposium
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Velammal Institute of Technology Thiruvallur Tamil Nadu

01. Paper Presentation

02. CAD Modelling

03. Technical Quiz

04. Throttlers(Rc Car Racing)

05. Water Rocketry

06. Mr.Machinist

07. Surprise Event

Technical, Symposium
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Valliammai Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu

*Paper Presentation


*Truss Masters


*Cad Modelling


*Online Photography

Technical, Symposium
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RMD Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu

1) Paper Presentation

2) Project Display

3) Technical Quiz

4) Sherlock

5) Surprise Events

Rendezvous 2K15
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RMD Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu

1. Paper Presentation

2. Debugging

3. Mock Interview

4. Web designing

5. Technical Quiz

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Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu

  • Paper Presentation

  • Cad Modelling

  • Technical Quiz

  • Water Rocketry

  • Rc Race

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Sri Sairam Institute of Technology Chennai Tamil Nadu

1) Paper Presentation

2) Poster Presentation

3) Mr.CAD

4) Technical Quiz

5) Surprise Event

Nexentus 2k15
Technical, Symposium
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Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu

1. Papero Prezento (Paper Presentation)

2. Tech IQ (Quiz)

3. Cipher Fix (Coding and Debugging)

4. Google IT

5. Eureka (Surprise events)

Ubiquiton '15
Technical, Conference, Symposium, Online
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Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu

  • Paper Presenatation,

  • Coding and Debugging,

  • Technical Quiz,

  • Technical Dumb "C"

Innovision 2K15
Technical, Management, Sports, Literary, Workshop, Online
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SreeNidhi Institute of Science and Technology SNIST Hyderabad Telangana

Technical :-

1. Paper Presentation

2. Poster Presentation

3. Hackathon

4. innovation

5. Web Masters

Literary :-

1. Virtual Parliament

2. Story interpretation

3. Blogger Contest

4. Spine Poetry

5.diary Writing

Ideation :-

Laghuchitra :-

1. Spoof Trailers

2. Short Film

Gaming :-

1. Need for Speed ( Nfs )

2. Counter-strike

Sports :-

1. Short Pitch Cricket

2. Radium Cricket

3. Chess

4. Caroms


Logo Design- 50

Quiz :-

online Events :-

1. Groupfie :– Selfie with a Group

2. Dubsmash :- Imitate Your Favorite Dialogues with Hilarious actions

Have Fun ahead :)

and Many More Spot Events

ComArena 9.0
Management, Workshop, Seminar, Entrepreneurship Summit, Convention
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St Thomas College Pala Kottayam Kerala Business Quiz, Business Quiz Jr, IPL Auction, Best Manager, Best Manager Jr, Stock Game, 'Ent'er The Dragon, Product Launch Jr, The Finance Game
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SA Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu

1) Paper Presentation

2) Project Display

3) Witty Bot

4) Dig the Bug

5) Technical Quiz

6) Dubsmash

7) Jam

Genisys '15
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Annai Mathammal Sheela Engineering College Namakkal Tamil Nadu

* Paper Presentation

* Quiz

* Connection

* Jam

* Time-out

Technical, Symposium
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MNM Jain Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu

1. Paper Presentation-i (thermal)

2. Paper Presentation- Ii (manufacturing)

3. Mech King

4. Rc Car

5. Sumo Robo

6. Water Rocketry

7. Project Presentation

8. Cadd Modelling

9. Machining

10. Truss Masters

11. Pentathlon

12. Online Photography

13. Tech Quiz

14. Tech Hunt

Exousia 15
Technical, Symposium
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SA Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu

  • Make the markup (Web Designing)

  • Stage for share (Paper Presentation)

  • Virtual World(Gaming)

  • Code the logic

  • Adzap

  • IQ Ping (Quiz)


Technical, Symposium
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Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu 1) Paper Presentation
Power Quality and Power System
Embedded System
Smart Grids
High Voltage Applications
Nano Technology
Micro controller Applications
Energy Conservation
Bio medical And Instrumentation
Application Of Fuzzy Technology
Innovative Trends in Recent Technology

2) RoboTIX

3) Technical Quiz

4) Circuit Debugging and Connections.
Technical, Symposium
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Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai Tamil Nadu

  • Paper Presentation

  • Technical Quiz

  • Robo Genre

  • Aero Modelling


Accendo 2k15
Technical, Symposium
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Adhiyamaan College of Engineering Hosur Hosur Tamil Nadu

  • Paper Presentation

  • Code Cracker

  • App Don

  • Multimedia

  • Short Film

  • Quiz Masters

  • Ps Styler

  • Jam

Technical, Workshop, Symposium
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SNS College of Engineering Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

Department of Mechanical Engineering

S No Name of the Events

1. aerogami

2. Robo arm

3. Hydralica

4. Cad Modelling

5. Mr. Metallica

6. Wealth Out of Waste

7. Paper Presentation

8. Extempore

9. Metallica Quiz

10. Fix it

11. aqua Nfs

12. Tricky 60 Secs

13. Soap Carving

14. Conexion

15. Manual Robo Race

16. Rpm 2k15

17. Workshops

Department of information and Technology

S No Name of the Events

1. Geek Speak

2. Gaming

3. Bug Zapper

4. Crack Jack

5. Techno Freak

6. Crime investigation

7. Get Set Go

8. ad-zap

9. Workshop

Department of Mca

S No Name of the Events

1. Procedia

2. appon

3. Poster Presentation

4. Quiz Vs ans

5. Hackyan

6. Workshops

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

S.no Name of the Events

1 .pptx

2 Media Mirchi

3 Googlo I

4 Mundaspat

5 Lingolly

6 intel Mind

7 Game on

8 Dots2lns

9 Techno Ride

10 Zumakazooo

11 Workshops

Department of Elecrical and Electronics Engineering

S No Name of the Events

1. Carta Contest

2. Workshops

3. touch Me Not

4. Progetto Presento

5. Conexion

6. Robo Car Racing

7. Home of Electricity

8. Circuito Debogage

9. Surprise Events

10. Cash the Trash

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

S No Name of the Events

1. Paper Presentation

2. Workshop

3. Riddle it

4. instra

5. Circuitrix

6. Words to Win

7. Spell bee

8. Line Follower

9. Treasure Hunt

10. Switch Jam

11. armageddon

12. adds Up

Department of Civil Engineering

S. No. Name of the Event

1 Paper Presentation

2 Poster Presentation

3 Techno Quotient

4 Flotte Concrete

5 Bloc Bonding

6 Software Demo

7 Kode Cracking

8 Tipo Making

9 Cubo Casting

10 Treasure Chase

Maquinas 2k15
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RMK College of Engineering and Technology Chennai Tamil Nadu 1.Paper Presentation
2.Water Rocketry
3.CAD Modelling
4.Technical Quiz
5.Treasure Hunt
Esya 2015
Technical, Management, Workshop, Online
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IIIT Delhi Delhi Delhi Esya provides a platform for events in various fields. Brief details about the event are below.

ProSort is the onsite programming contest (organised by IIIT-Delhi’s programming club, Foobar) of Esya’15.

Darwin Games is an onsite programming contest that tests not only how proficient you are with programming but also how well you can learn and adapt when placed in an entirely new environment. The event is a part of the Techathlon series and will give you a chance to earn points to qualify for the finale ‘Toast to Code’.

Code in Less: Here's an event where just solving a problem is not enough! Bring in your optimization skills to write concise and precise codes. Shorten, and further shorten your codes to win!

Seg Fault: Welcome to the world of debugging where with each passing second frustrations build. Here we'll make programmers face their worst nightmares! If you have the experience and patience, come and conquer it all. Go through a series of questions and find out the errors in them. In this event, either you win or get bitten by bugs!
Note: SegFault gives you a chance to earn points and helps you get one step closer to making it to the finale of the Techathlon - "Toast to Code"

Brain Fuzz: To all those with a passion for developing algorithms and solving problems, Esya'15 presents you BrainFuzz - The Algorithm Design Challenge. Embedding the theme of OpenSource, this time we'll have a lot more algorithmic challenges to improve performance of real life open source projects.

Toast To Code : The Grand Finale, a place where the finest teams battle for the grand prize of Techathlon! Have you got what it takes to be the ultimate winner?
Techathlon is a set of six events(including this event) that will test teams on a wide variety of skills and technical challenges. The best four scores out of the five will be considered for each team in determining qualify for Toast to Code.

Procon Jr. : Have a passion for coding? We at IIITD invite young minds who love to code, to come and participate in our programming event ProCon Junior. So, come and flaunt your skills in various spheres of Computer Science, Mathematics and other subjects too. Win bonus marks for admission (Class XI and XII) and numerous prizes.

Procon : FooBar, IIIT-Delhi’s programming club, is back with another edition of the online programming contest - ProCon. You get an amazing chance to win big this August. With questions set to challenge you and bring out the best in you, we call out to all you people hungry for coding - log on to CodeChef, prove your programming ability and walk away with some amazing prizes and an awesome experience. Show us your skills, creativity, swiftness and aptitude and you shall be rewarded.

Data Hackathon : With the ever increasing number of internet applications and services being used today, and with the ridiculous amounts of storage spaces available to companies big or small, what we have is a lot of data. Very few people possess the adequate skill set to process this huge amount of data. To help out in this endeavour, we bring to you a Data Hackathon. So wear your Data Scientist hats(beginner ones will do too), and start hacking.

Game Development Workshop: This workshop is designed to enable you to make your own games. You will be introduced to various concepts of game development like Asset Creation, modelling, animation and logic creation. Various types of games will be covered like logic and puzzle, side-scrollers.

HackOn : An online web-based security challenge

hackIIITD : Byld, the software development club of IIIT-Delhi shouts out to all the designers and developers out there, who can't wait to bring their next app idea to life. We at Byld, invite you to the Overnight Hackathon at Esya'15, to work over 16 sleepless hours with one great idea and a team of tireless creative minds. Spend the night building an app that stands out from the rest, while we keep you fueled with food and lots of coffee!

Rebuttal : A battle of wits designed to pit you and your partner against the very best debaters in the country. The competition will be tough, across many different debating formats, and with eliminations at every turn, be prepared to give it your all.

Minimal Design Event not only tests your design and photoshop skills but also provides a platform to showcase and flaunt your wit and attention to detail.

XQuizIT : A technical Quiz, to test the knowledge and wits of techies.
Amalgam 2015
Technical, Workshop, Conference, Symposium, Online
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IIT Madras Chennai Tamil Nadu List of Events:
• Main Quiz
• Paper & Poster Presentation
• Treasure Hunt/Fun with Materials
• GD Challenge
• Ulti-meta
• Career Guidance
• Photography
• Steel challenge
• Process planning
• Department open house
• Etch it
• T-shirt designing
• Green city
• Math modelling
• Panel discussion
• IDP (Industry Defined Problems)
• SoME (Spirit Of Materials Engineering)
The Events have been designed in a way that there's something for anyone and everyone at Amalgam 2015. Check out our website to know about the details interested in. http://iitm-amalgam.org/

List of workshops:
• Characterization Workshop:
Dr B.S.Murty will be organizing Workshop for XRD
Dr Sarma V.S. will be organizing a workshop on scanning electron microscopy

We are restricting the total number of students to 20 only, and will be organised in two batches of 10 students each; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. So interested students please hurry up! For further details regarding the characterization workshop contact: simplyvivekverma@gmail.com

• Casting Workshop:
Two batches will be taken with 15 students in each for this three hour workshop.An exam will be conducted after workshop of each batch and participation certificates will be given. A brief description about the workshop topics will be sent to you once you are enrolled. For further details regarding the casting workshop contact: chanakya.yadav.pvs@gmail.com

• Computational Workshop:
For all those computer enthusiasts, Amalgam is pleased to present to you the computational workshop which will be held on 22nd of August. This workshop will introduce the area of modelling materials at atomic scale using a technique known as molecular dynamics. The workshop involves running small codes and subsequently visualising the results using open source tools. Do bring your laptops if you have them.
Total seats: 20
Timing: 9:30 – 11:30 1:30 – 3:30
Venue: Department Computer Facility (MSB ground floor)
For further details regarding the workshop contact: tgvishes@gmail.com

• Welding workshop:
This one is for the welding enthusiasts. Amalgam presents to you the welding workshop, covering the exciting aspects of Welding – Friction Welding, Resistance spot Welding and Cold Metal Transfer.
Total seats: 40 (in batches of two)
Timing: 9:00 – 12.00
Date: 23rd August
Venue: Workshop, IIT Madras
So interested students grab this opportunity to understand the practical nuances of welding! For further details regarding the workshop contact: sai.shanbhag2@gmail.com

• 3D Printing Workshop:
In this 3D printing workshop we teach you how to operate and work on 3D printing.
Total Seats: 20-30
Date: 23rdAugust
Time: 2.00 – 4.00
For further details regarding the workshop contact:seshasaibehara@gmail.com

List of Demonstrations:
• The Amalgamation of Biotechnology with Materials Science by Dr. Mukesh Doble from Dept. of Biotechnology:
22nd August- 9:30-11:30am
23rd August- 11:30am-1.30pm
For further details regarding the demonstration contact: gita9suman@gmail.com

• Electrospinning polymer nanofibers and their applications by Dr Natarajan from Dept. of Physics
For further details regarding the demonstration contact: gita9suman@gmail.com
रscience 15
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Bharati Vidyapeeths College of Engineering Mumbai Navi Mumbai Maharashtra Salt act, Tech Quiz, Wolf of wall street, Cooling tower design, Model exhibition, Heat exchanger design,Extractor design, Techno hunt etc.
Aaruush 2015
Technical, Management, Workshop, Conference, Online, Conclave, Summit
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SRM University Kattankulathur Campus Chennai Tamil Nadu Aaruush comprises of 14 domains:
Bluebook consists of events relating to bioengineering, life sciences, biology and chemistry. It provides an interesting fun learning process of concepts, terminologies, and process cycles by Quizzes and FAQ rounds in the events.

Fundaz domain deals with the fundamental basics of science. The events bring back Formula Zero and ground rules in day-to-day learning on test.

X-Zone is entirely about non-technical events and participants can be sure of entertaining and mind racking experiences. In short it's a portal to the world of gaming, with unlimited fun and frolic in store.

Konstruktion puts together events that are focused on civil and infrastructure studies where designing, fabricating and practical testing of the required models and projects are the mandate.

Magefficie provides a platform for the test of business and managerial skills with basics in place like crisis aversion, management, corporate strategy building and business planning.

Machination covers technical aspects related to the departments of mechanical, automobile and mechatronics. Events require participants to come up with solutions for problems relating to machine functions.

Online brings together spine-chilling experience of online games, puzzles, treasure hunt and other technical competitions.

Praesentatio is a domain that helps provide a platform for participants who are interested in paper or model presentations as well as exhibitions backed with substantial proof.

Vimanaz is a domain that showcases everything and anything that the word 'flying' associates itself to. The events provide for an immersive participation for the fanatics of aviation.

Robogyan consists of events providing opportunity to refine their skills to create all types of manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous robotic inventions.

Yuddhame comprises events that put to test the technical skills of the participants specifically the hardware and software knowledge stretching from programming languages, web designing and networking.

Electrizite is a domain that covers concepts related to the fields Electronics and Electrical devices and machines. Knowledge of topics like integrated circuits, microprocessor, circuitry, etc. is the requirement for this domain.

Architecture and digital design, making its debut in Aaruush ’15, will see the anatomy of designing.

Architecture encompasses the concepts from the school of architecture. Events requires the participants to conform their ideas with the principles of architecture.

Digital design circumvolves around the desgning principles and includes all the events related to design and editing on a digital level.
REtopia 2015
Technical, Cultural, Management, Conference, Seminar, Symposium, Youth Summit
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Teri University New Delhi Delhi

1. Panel Discussions

2. Renewable Energy Design (RED) Challenge

3. Trouble Shooting RE Industry Problem

4. Sustainovation

5. Poster Presentation

6. Group Discussion and Debate

7. General Quiz

8. Cultural Event

Conclave '15
Technical, Symposium, Conclave
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Rathinam College of Arts and Science Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

Paper Presentation

Technical Quiz


Web Designing

The typing master


MindSpark '15
Technical, Workshop
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College of Engineering Pune Pune Maharashtra

October 11 is celebrated as the International Day of the Girl Child across the globe. This year MindSpark salutes the girls of our country and aims at initiating a Social Awareness Program - PAAKHI.

AUTOMATA - Robotics​:

Dog Fight - Build a bot to complete the task and obstruct your opponents from completing theirs

Robo Wars - War of robots

Search N Destroy - Build a line tracer bot and complete a given task in minimum time

Bot Wrestling - Make a wireless bot to push the enemy out of the ring

Virtual Robotics - Represent robotic concepts (eg. Robotic arm) using simulation softwares like Simulink

BAZINGA  - Multi-disciplinarian:

Contraption - Complete a task using 7 energy transformations in a domino effect.

Aqualympics - Build an RC boat

The Wright Turn - Build an RC plane

Wheelomation - Build an RC car and compete in a race

INGENIUM - Mechanical/Production​ :

Paradigm - Build a model using predefined materials and given topic

Mechtrix - Best out of waste

Intelligent Design 2D - AutoCAD problem solving

Intelligent Design 3D - Catia, Pro E, UG Designing

CODEX- Computer/IT  :

Codeville - To make a software or app using any language on a given problem statement

Xterminate - Coding and debugging with swapping at regular intervals

Code Junkie - C coding for FY/SY

Code Junkie++ - C++/Java coding. Use any of the 2 languages to solve a given problem.


Circuit Fixer 1 - Debugging circuits for FY/SY.

Circuit Fixer 2 - High level debugging and building circuits

Encrypto - Design efficient electronic systems using given components

Micro Apps - Using ATMEL 89C51 microcontroller, design a system.

Turnament - Job manufacturing using Lathe

BLYDAN - Civil :

Metropolis - Plan and Design a smart city

Conquest - Make Concrete models with highest compressive strength

Epitome - Build a structure from given materials

Intelligent Design Civil - AutoCAD designing for Civil

ALKEMIA  - Metallurgy :

On the Etch - Analyse and reveal a microstructure

Dexter’s Lab - Qualitative analysis – titration

Chemistry Quiz - Basic chemistry Quiz


Pseudoresearch-Flagship event - Write research papers exploring unexplored ideas and get a chance to have them reviewed for research journals.

Paper Presentation Comp/IT - Computer/Information Technology research paper

Paper Presentation MechProdMeta - Mechanical, Production, Metallurgy research paper

Paper Presentation EEI - Electrical, Electronics research paper

Paper Presentation Civil - Civil research paper

Mimosa - Biology Quiz

QUAESTIO  - Quizes:

Chakravyuh - Pune’s largest open GK Quiz

Qonnoisseur – Mela Quiz - Movies, Entertainment, Literature, Arts Quiz

Torquest - Science and Technology Quiz

REJOIR - Non-technical :

The Amazing Race - Treasure Hunt within 5 km radius of COEP

Bull Run - Virtual Stock Market

Bidzkrieg - Fantasy T20 auctions

Flash - Photography contest within COEP campus of MindSpark

LAN Slam - Counter Strike Condition zero

PRACTICUM - Workshops :

TUX - Linux Workshop

CNC Lathe - CNC Lathe workshop

HAM - Basic communication and HAM radio workshop

Virtual Lab - Learn and explore COEP’s Virtual lab, one of few in India

Stareway to Heaven - Astronomy session in inflated planetarium

MIRABILIS - Prodigy​

Googler - Test your Googling skills

Sudoku - Solve 9x9 Sudoku puzzles

Waves 2015
Cultural, Conclave
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Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani BITS Goa Campus Goa Goa Categories:
Fine Arts
The Waves Specials

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