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Painting Competitions in College Fests, Events in October 2014. Some of the Events having Painting Competitions.

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College Fest Name College CityStatePainting Events
Nostalgia - Golden Jubilee Celebration
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Government Engineering College Rewa Rewa Madhya Pradesh Pro Nites Exibition Fun events - Informals 3-D Painting Band events Laser Tag, slip Soccer
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SRM Medical College and Research Centre Chennai Tamil Nadu MAJOR EVENTS: Coffee with srm Adaptune Duet dance Variety show Shipwreck Adzap Cine quiz Movie dub Fashion show Indian dance Western dance Light music Vj wannabe Mr/ms panacea MINOR EVENTS: Dum charades Jam Solo singing Block and tackle Solo dance Tamil elocution Photography Best craft Mehandi Rangoli Eat-o-mania Treasure hunt Soap carving Face Painting T-shirt designing Thumb graffin Short film And many more to add on..
Technical, Workshop, Seminar, Online
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NIT Sikkim Sikkim Sikkim Competitions: CODE-X #Code Competition BLACKBOX #Circuits CIRCUITOLOGY #Circuits TRASH BAR #Best Out Of Waste APP-O-DROID #ANDROID#CODING Debates, Wall Painting, Treasure Hunt, Tech-Quiz, Game-Matrix and many more...... Workshops: Ethical Hacking Quadcopter Biped Robotics Talks from famous speakers like Chris Phillips, Richard Stallman etc. Tech Exhibition, School Exhibition and Book Exhibition and many more exciting events..........

List of fests in other States | List of fests by Cities | List of fests by Colleges