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Painting Competitions in College Fests, Events in July 2014. Some of the Events having Painting Competitions.

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College Fest Name College CityStatePainting Events
Cultural, Management
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SRM University Kattankulathur Campus Chennai Tamil Nadu Junkyard Art, Quiz, Comic Strip, Face Painting, Group Dance, Ad-Zap, How Cool Are You, Dumb Charades- Prizes Worth Rs.30,000. Participants 13-18 Years Old. All schools are welcome.
Cultural, Sports, Literary
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JIPMER Pondicherry Pondicherry JSA 2014 proudly announcing Spandan 2014 Events. 1)JIPMER Endurance - Marathon 2)Les Beaux Arts Major Stage Events :- Indian music | Chorea | Western music | Fashion show | Pro shows | Western Acoustics MinorStage Events :- Skit | Ad-zap | Miming Fine Arts Events :- Clay modeling | Sketching | Face Painting | Collage | Painting | Pot Painting | Mehendi | Rangoli | Photography 3)Les Jeux Volleyball | Basketball | Throwball | Football | Hockey|Badminton | Table tennis | Athletics | Futsal | Chess 4)La Lutte -Mediquiz Junior Quiz Senior Quiz 5)Les Litteraires Scrabble | Debate | Flash fiction | Crossword | Themed Quizzes |Extempore | Shipwreck | 90 seconds |Turncoat | JAM | What’s the Good Word | Pictionary |Dumb charades 6)La Fete Du Cinema -Short film Competition 7)Open Quiz 8)Les Informals
Nostalgia - Golden Jubilee Celebration
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Government Engineering College Rewa Rewa Madhya Pradesh Pro Nites Exibition Fun events - Informals 3-D Painting Band events Laser Tag, slip Soccer

List of fests in other States | List of fests by Cities | List of fests by Colleges