Fashion Show Competitions in College Fests, Events in February 2016

19 Events having Fashion Competitions

College Fest Name College Fashion Events
Techtris '16
8th Feb 2016
RD National College of Arts and Commerce and WA Science College

Space Technology Seminar
Powerpoint Competition
Fashion Show
Web Designing


Day 3:
Tech Quiz
Prize Distribution
Closing Ceremony

Fest-O-Comm 2016
10th Feb 2016
Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication

The following is the list of the events to be held in Fest-O-Comm 2016:
- How’s that?- Box cricket

- Mad ads- ad making

- Lumos- Musical Night

- Footloose- Dance Competition

- Take 24- 24 hour film making

- Hackathon- B-plan

- Decrypt- Case study

- Just a Minute

- Fashion show

Confluence 2016
11th Feb 2016
NIT Kurukshetra

Dream threatre (choreo)
Libas(Fashion show)
Ekanki (Stage Play)
Grove Armada (Group Dance)
Battle of Bands
Nukkad Natak
Solo Singing
Duet Singing
Western Solo Singing
Solo Dance Duet Dance
Instumental Solo

And a lot of fun with informals :
Gully cricket
Party Xtreme
Face Painting
Easter Fun

With the great evenings :
Star Nite
Kavi Sammelan
Classical Evening

Lumiere 16
17th Feb 2016
College of Engineering Kidangoor


Is dance your language to convey your dreams, emotions and aspirations? Do you believe that your team has what it takes to show the world the true meaning of dance? If so, then get yourselves armed with breath-taking moves, show-stealing appearances and mind blowing performances to prove yourselves to the world. So come tell your story or watch one unfold.


If you have rhythm, you can synchronize your dance moves with the beat of the music. So do whatever it takes, whether it be precise timing or telepathy. But do remember, spotlight on stage would be a curtain split.


Those who wish to sing always find a song. So go find your song and prove to the world that you are the best singer there is on the stages of Lumiere. Compete your melodies with the talent of others. And who knows, this might just give you one big break.


The spot-choreo event hosted by Lumiere 16 is to find the best dancer of all. All you have to do is just adapt to the tune being played and show your talent. It may be synonymous to adjustment, modification, accommodation etc. Show us what you have got in the diaz.


A celebration of memorable moments that makes life meaningful. Let your body swim with the music that brings out the sweet memories, what we call Nostalgia. So come and open your heart and soul, and blow the colour of past into the future.

Fashion SHOW

Attitude is everything. What you wear is how you present yourself to world, especially today when human contacts are so quick, Fashion is the instant language. Lumiere 16 offers you a chance to design your dreams and present those dreams and ideas to the world. Make Fashion a way to say who you are, without having to speak. So come, rule the ramp and be the Fashion icon.

You think you have mastered the game? Enough of playing alone at home, it's time to put all your gaming skills together for a challenge. So come, compete with the professionals and show them what you have got.

Lumiere is all about having fun. And at the end of the day, it is up to you to make sure that you never missed any part of it.


Life is never about asking for a second chance. We offer you an oppurtunity to prove that you are the best at Lumiere 16. So come and travel the journey in a quest to be recognized as the BEST MANAGER with many hurdles and challenges.
You call yourself a “manager”, this is your chance to prove it.


In order to get the greatest attention, you not only have to be able to sing, act or dance, you need to be an entertainment to all the audience. Everything falls into its place, laugh and the world laughs with you, make someone laugh and everyone will love you! Come let’s redefine entertainment in your style.

A test to measure your knowledge and learn about various topics. Even though you compete as a team, the whole game can change based on the random knowledge of one person. So if you think you have that knowledge, come compete with the greatest minds there is at Lumiere 16.


Go out and make something that reflects your interests, your taste or your ideas. Lumiere 16 is a place for film makers to mingle and get feedback from audience. We offer all the independent and amateur film makers, an opportunity to reach out and get there film on the big screen.


This is a professional still photography event for the photography enthusiasts. Your job would be to capture that one photograph which defines the exuberance of Lumiere. A picture is worth a thousand words and a million emotions. Go out and capture it.


Photography is the art of frozen time, the ability to store emotion and feelings within a frame. There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. The most important thing is that you must have to have something important to say about the world. Let your photograph speak out!


Face painting is fun in any occasion. However it is considered as an art. It could be a hobby for some, or even a full-blown career for many talented artists. Whatever your goals are, the possibilities for exciting and original designs are as wide as your imaginations. So come show the world, the other part of your face.


A creative way where you imprint pictures or designs on finger nails. Try duo-tones, glitter, jewels, polka dots, blended colors, marbling stamping or whatever it needs to make your nails look good. So come and show us your nails going live.


Draw your pleasure, paint your passion, and express your creativity strongly on the walls. Show your world of imagination to the others, on the walls. Make the walls a gateway to another dimension, with your paints and artistic talents. Come take us to your dream world.

Let the hunt begin. Extraordinary things are always hidden in places, where people never expect them. Use your brains, take your senses to the next level, solve the mystery behind the clues and put it all together. And be the first ones to get your hands on that treasure. Lumiere 16 ensures to deliver you the best treasure hunting quest ever!


Football is not just about goal tallies and revenue figures but also inspiration and style. Play this miniature form of the beautiful game, without losing the excitement, offer useful lessons of teamwork, preparation and attitude. So equip your team for an epic battle at Lumiere 16.


Skilled debating is an art. In order to be a victor here, push your arguments strong and convince others with your views. All you need to posses is the basic components of logic, psychology and effective communication. If you think you and your partner possess these skills, Lumiere 16 offers you an opportunity to put your skills and knowledge in competence with some of the greatest minds. Be a part of the battle of the words!


Are you good at drawing? Are you a good listener? Well this is an event in which both your skills in drawing and listening are tested together. All you have to do is feel the song in you, visualize it and draw that image what appears in your mind. Come prove yourself to be the best creative artist at Lumiere 16.


Posters are a great visual aid. It adds to a verbal presentation. Creation of a perfect one requires some artistic talents. So if you have that in you, come show your talent before others at Lumiere 16. Use the correct colors, images, fonts and balance to make it a remarkable and memorable poster.


If you choose to define yourselves through your moves, if love spreading joy of life through your dance, if you have always awaited an opportunity to express yourself and show people your true self, “THE STREETS” are the best platform you can ever have. So equip your crew with breath-taking moves, show-stealing surprises and mind blowing appearances to own the title, KING OF THE STREETS.


Internet describes trolls as an art of deliberately, cleverly and secretly pissing people off. Well it is time to redefine the word. Lets make it a word that describes a way through which one can express his opinion regarding social issues and crimes as pictures or drawings, whether in a funny manner or not. So send us your trolls and we will make them viral.


Do you wish to be the sensational person in social media? Do you wish to be recognized among the crowd? All you have to do is to send us your Facebook DP. So what are you waiting for? Be the sensation!


Fly your skill with the drones and clear the task. The intention to fly is carried out along with certain objectives to be fulfilled over the air route. It is a test of skill, experience and control over the drones. Get ready to have an amazing air ride.


Clash of Metals with the alloys grinding red hot. It is a game of style, control, damage and aggression with the robot pit against each other in a deadly combat. These warriors shall duel for honor and loyalty in an arena of destructions with their pneumatic spikes, flipping tusks, angle grinders, hurling maces, hydraulic pincers and lots more. Get ready to feel the chills and shivers down your spine and become a part of the Robowar.


Race through the dirt dunes and outwit your opponent. It will be treacherous and savage. A game of swift and struggle while testing your skill and patience. A test of strength, speed and sturdiness, we will make sure you experience the ride of a lifetime.


The greatest skill of an engineer lies in his/her ability to find the errors in a given situation. Come and crack your technical brain to unravel the mystery behind the bugs in the circuit. Toughest circuits are waiting for you!


Debugging distinguishes between a coder and a smart coder. Time to prove you are smart. Debug your way out of the intricately coded C-programs to prove your worth. Event involves correcting the errors in a program so that it works perfectly.


Let your innovations and ideas come true. Lumiere 16 provides you a platform that inspires you to discover the full extent of your potential. Come and present whatever ideas you have.


It’s high time you bring your ideas and creativity outside the boundaries of academics and receive a couple of applauds. At Lumiere 16, we provide the most beneficial and encouraging platform for the exposure of your products. Join us and make a difference!

Have you ever wondered of building a bridge? Here we bring you the opportunity to craft such a kind, using chopsticks. We evaluate the aesthetics, load carrying capacity and overall resemblance.

Do you have a bit of Sherlock Holmes in yourself? We welcome you to the world of intuitions and mind calculations. Are you good at dimensions? Then here’s a chance to be the best Anthropometrist around.

Let’s see the creativity inside. Let’s see the artist inside. Let’s see the engineer inside. Do you have a web designer inside? Design a website as per the template you get, and be the one to outcast others in the designing style.

Festin-O-Beats 7.0
18th Feb 2016
ABES Institute of Technology

Cultural Events - Battle Of Bands, Solo/Duet Singing, Solo/Group Dance, Comedy, Fashion Show etc.
Technical Events - LAN Gaming, Robotics, Programming, Web Designing etc.
Literary Events - Creative Writing, Spell Bee etc.
Fine Arts And Photography - Best Shot, Movie Making, Rangoli, Tattoo, Face Painting etc.

Extasia 2016
18th Feb 2016
National Law University

Sringmuse (Fashion show)
Thunderstrcuk (Battle of bands)
Music competitions (Indian and western)
Dance competitions (Indian and western)
Dramatics (Stage play and nukkad natak)
And many more filler events

Orion 2016
19th Feb 2016
Sri Sri University

Cultural Event
Reverb – Band Competition
Celestia – Fashion Show
Swaranjali - Classical Singing Competition
Hues - Photography
Aalekhan – Wall Painting Competition
Sahasrara – Yoga Dance
Canvas – Painting Competition
Spandan – Dance Competition
Rangmanch - Street Play
Amber Quiz – Quiz Competition

Ssu Mun – Mock United Nation

B School Events
Dashavatar – Best Manager
orion Premier League – IPL auction (strategy)
Samartha – Entrepreneurship Event
Vittaniti – Money Management and Finance
Manavdhan – HR Event
Chathurbhuj – Marketing Event
Adhishthana - Operation Event

Adventure Sports

HABBA 2016
19th Feb 2016
Acharya Institutes Bangalore

Literary arts

Synapse 2016
25th Feb 2016
Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology

All the cultural events, debate, quiz, gaming events, Fashion show, and four celebrity nites

Vibes 16
25th Feb 2016
Desh Bhagat Foundation Group of Institutions


Technical Events
• Fastest Programming
• Lan Gaming
• Movie Making
• Electrical Chess
• Technical Quiz
• Debugging
• Web Designing
• Daily Use Product Improvement
Cultural Events
• Boogie Woogie (Solo Dance)
• Razzmatazz (Group Dance)
• Chakk de Phatte (Folk Dance)
• Naach Bhaliye (Duet Dance)
• Guttar Ghu(Choreography)
• Don’t Look Back (Fashion Show)
• Nukkad Natak (Skit)
• SWAR (Sare Gama Pa/Awaaz Punjab Di)
• Pehchan Kaun (Mimcry)
• Kisme Kitna Hai Dum (On Spot
• Dancing)

Literary Events
• Creative Writing
• Aptitude Test
• Presentation
• Debate
• Group Discussion
• Extempore
• Volta Face
• Press Conference
• Pressure Cooker
• Turban king
Informal Events
• Pathetic singing
• Nail art
• Soap carving
• Vegetable carving
• Face painting
Fun Gaming
• Beg, Borrow & Steal
• Brick Race
• Three Legged Race
• Slow Cycling
• Spoon Race
• Tug of War
Hobby Club
• Rangoli
• Mehndi Competition
• Collage Making
• Sketching
• Dress Designing
• Wax Carving

25th Feb 2016
IIT Jodhpur

A. Cultural:
Music, Dance, Fine arts, Hindi literature, English literature, Quiz, Debate

B. Technical:
Aeromodelling, Automobile, Programming, Electronics, Robotics, Wed designing, Project exhibition.

C. Prakriti:
Akriti, Red Cross across India, Ushma, Nav umesh, Blood Donation Camp.

D. Major events:
Clash of bands, Antarang: the Fashion show, Group Dance, Robo Soccer, Robo War, WCA Rubik’s Cube

E. Informals:
Breakthrough, Speed dating, LAN gaming, Fun Games, Business events, Tech informals, Scavenger’s hunt.

Selesta 2k16
25th Feb 2016
Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous) Chittoor

1. CONFERA- The dance events
2. SYNCHRONICITY- The Music Events
3. VIBGYOR- Fine Arts Events
4. LAN FIGHT- The LAN Games
5. Itechnofest 2k16-Technical Symposium
6. PANACHE- Life style event
7. SELESTA NYTES-The Fashion Show Event
11. Silver Screen- Group events
12. THEATRIX- The Theatre Events

25th Feb 2016
Central University of Karnataka

Academic Events
-Dalal Street
-Com' Quiz

Entertainment Events
-Best Selfie
-Gully Cricket

Spectrum 2016
26th Feb 2016
National Institute of Fashion Technology Mumbai
Navi Mumbai

Major events are: 1. EDM night by Supersonic 2. Comedy nights with Sunil Pal 3. Fashion Show by NIFT students 4. Campus Princess auditions 5. Airplane poetry movement workshops 6. Terribly tiny tales workshop and a lot of other fun-filled activities and competitions

Kalotsava 2016
3rd Mar 2016
Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology


Light Indian vocal solo
Classical vocal solo
Classical Instrumental
Western Vocal solo/Group song
Band wars


Classical solo
Western solo


Face Painting
Short Movie making


Creative writing
Turn Coat
Mock press
Management Fiesta


Street play
60 secs to fame
Fashion Show
Standup comedy
Mad Ads


Counter strike

Resonance 2016
6th Mar 2016
Terna Engineering College
Navi Mumbai

1. VH1 Supersonic night
2. Coke Studio
3. Fashion show
4. Treasure hunt
5. Group Dance
6. 9x jhakas talent hunt
7. Robotics
8. TPP
9. Projects
And many more

Explore '16
11th Mar 2016
Chitkara University Rajpura

Events during the Fest:
1. Charisma (Fashion Show): Cash prizes worth 1.5 lac
2. Musical Fusion (Band Performance): Cash prizes worth 70,000
3. Step Up (Group Dance): Cash prizes worth 75,000
4. Ethnic Conexion (Folk Dance): Cash prizes worth 75,000
5. Rhythmic Beat (Solo Dance): Cash prize worth 15,000
6. The Singing Sensation (Solo Singing): Cash prize worth 15,000
7. Act Loud (Street Play): Cash prizes worth 75,000
8. Artiste Factor (Talent Hunt): Cash prizes worth 15,000
9. Mr. and Ms. Panache (Modeling): Cash prize worth 30,000
10. Spotlight (Theatre): Cash prizes worth 75,000
11. Scavenging Hunters (Treasure Hunt): Cash prize worth 10,000
12. Speakers’ Ink (Literary event): Cash prize worth 15,000
13. Battle of Chefs (Cookery competition): Cash prize worth 15,000
14. Art Alley (Street Art): Cash prize worth 15,000
15. Retrica (Photography competition): Cash prize worth 15,000
16. Roadies (Fun event): Cash prize worth 10,000
17. Brain’s Battle (Quiz): Cash prize worth 20,000
18. GAMEEKS (LAN Gaming):
• Counter Strike: Cash prize worth 20,000
• FIFA Team: Cash prize worth 15,000
• NFS: Cash prize worth 10,000
• FIFA: Cash prize worth 10,000
19. Fun Events:
• Paintball
• Laser Maze: Cash prize worth 15,000
• Laser tag
20. Adventure Sports

Udbhava '16
18th Mar 2016
National Institute of Science Education and Research NISER Bhubaneswar

Abhivyakti- The flash mob dance competition
Glitz- The Fashion show
Emblazon- The painting competition
Shots- Photography Competition
Squint- Short film making competition
Quest'16- Treasure hunt
C.S.I- Crime Scene Investigation

Prelude- The inter college music competition
Gamebit- The gaming competition
The NISER Quiz

Ragam 2016
1st Apr 2016
NIT Calicut

Every year, Ragam features a wide spectrum of events that includes dance, dramatics, music, fine arts, gaming, sports and so much more. An event that stands out amongst these is Take One, South India’s biggest short film competition, one that has witnessed the presence of an expert panel every year, which has included celebrities such as Jayarag, Arun Kumar Aravind, Rajesh Pillai and Bobby-Sanjayin its previous iterations. Other hugely popular events conducted at Ragam include Fashion Show, Rangoli, Acoustics, Drama, Mime, Mehendi, etc.

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