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Fashion Show Competitions in College Fests, Events in July 2014. Some of the Events having Fashion Show Competitions.

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College Fest Name College CityStateFashion Events
Pegasus 2014
Cultural, Sports, Literary, Conference, Medical
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Christian Medical College CMC Vellore Tamil Nadu Pegasus 2013 has the following events: Literary (medical and non-medical combined): Debate General Quiz What's the good word JAM Elocution Just a minute Scrabble 5 minute acts Creative writing Sudoku Crossword Shipwreck Adzap 90 seconds Theatre Pictionary Potpourri Turncoat Design an ad Comic strip design Poster competition Sketching Collage Sports quiz Dumb charades Spin a yarn Lone wolf quiz Poetry writing Movie making MODEL UN on WHO To be held on Thursday and Friday 30 colleges will be allowed to participate Sports (medical and non-medical/open pools separate): Football Basketball Volleyball Throwball Badminton Chess Tennis table Tennis Cricket Carroms Hockey Athletics 5-a-side football Fireball Mac-cricket Except for football, cricket, hockey and fireball ,everything else is for both men and women. In the first 3 days we have football, hockey and cricket. The rest of the events will be held over the next 3 days Culturals: Indian dance competition Western dance competition Indian music competition Western acoustic competition The above events have different categories. Informals: Photography, graffiti, clay modelling, face painting, t-shirt painting, paintball, football and basketball shootout ,stand-up comedy, mime, arm wrestling, gaming, pool, rangoli, etc. Entertainment: Western music pro-show, Indian music pro-show, dance-pro-show ,Dj-nite, Fashion show, etc.
Cultural, Sports, Literary
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JIPMER Pondicherry Pondicherry JSA 2014 proudly announcing Spandan 2014 Events. 1)JIPMER Endurance - Marathon 2)Les Beaux Arts Major Stage Events :- Indian music | Chorea | Western music | Fashion show | Pro shows | Western Acoustics MinorStage Events :- Skit | Ad-zap | Miming Fine Arts Events :- Clay modeling | Sketching | Face painting | Collage | Painting | Pot Painting | Mehendi | Rangoli | Photography 3)Les Jeux Volleyball | Basketball | Throwball | Football | Hockey|Badminton | Table tennis | Athletics | Futsal | Chess 4)La Lutte -Mediquiz Junior Quiz Senior Quiz 5)Les Litteraires Scrabble | Debate | Flash fiction | Crossword | Themed Quizzes |Extempore | Shipwreck | 90 seconds |Turncoat | JAM | What’s the Good Word | Pictionary |Dumb charades 6)La Fete Du Cinema -Short film Competition 7)Open Quiz 8)Les Informals
Atharv 2014
Cultural, Management
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IIM Indore Indore Madhya Pradesh Our Flagship Management Events: Finopoly- Finance Avant Garde- B-Plan Pragnya- Business Quiz Vendition Vendatta- Marketing Game of Shadows- Game Theory Our other events include Bailar(Dance), Battle of Bands & Acoustic sets(Music), Vanity-The Fashion Show, Vandals(Graffiti)…
Dhanak 2014
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Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology IIST Thiruvanathpuram Kerala 1. Awaaz |Singing 2. Battle of the Bands 3. InSync | Group Dance 4. Face Off | Mime 5. EXTEMPORE | LITERARY 6. Ad-Diction | Enactment 7. Quiz Arena 8. Arts 9. Tashan | Fashion Show 10. Street play 11. MAD-ADS 12. Online Treasure Hunt 13. Paintball 14. Workshops

List of fests in other States | List of fests by Cities | List of fests by Colleges