Rock Band Competitions in College Fests, Events in November 2015

14 Events having Band Competitions

College Fest Name College Band Events
Blitzkrieg 2015
27th Nov 2015
Kishinchand Chellaram College of Arts Commerce and Science

1) Decor
2) Films
3) Journalism
4) Advertising
5) Band
6) Sports
7) Theatre
8) Design
9) Photography
10) Mock Band
11) Dance
12) Fashion Show
13) Radio

Enthusia '15
10th Dec 2015
MIT SOM College

Literary Events
 Quiz-
1. Each team consist of two members .(members need to be from same institution)
2. Quiz is entirely based on general knowledge covering all streams
3. The details regarding rounds will be given on the spot.
4. Use of gadgets will not be allowed, if found so will be subjected to disqualification.
5. In case of any disagreement, the final decision will be taken by the organizers.
6. Entry Fee – 200/- .

 Debate-
1. Participation- Individual
2. Mantle-Dismantle(For and against the topic)
3. Topic will be given30min before the event.
4. Participants will be judged on content of argument, presentation and ability to convince and answer question.
5. Entry fees-Rs. 150/- .

Cultural Events
 Surtaj (Solo Singing)
1. Time slot- 5 minutes including setup
2. No instruments will be provided
3. CD’s/Pen Drive of the tracks/Karaoke should be submitted at the time of reporting according to schedule.
4. Entry fees- Rs. 150/- .

 Solo Dance :
1. Time slot- 5 minutes including setup
2. CD’s/Pen Drive of the tracks/Karaoke should be submitted at the time of reporting according to schedule.
3. Entry fees- Rs. 200/- .
Note: No vulgarity & item songs allowed. Descent costumes are expected.

 Tango on the floor (Group Dance)
1. Time slot- 8 minutes including setup
2. CD’s/Pen Drive of the tracks/Karaoke should be submitted at the time of reporting according to schedule.
3. Participation- Team of 2 to 10
4. Entry fees- Rs. 400/- .
Note: No vulgarity & item songs allowed. Descent costumes are expected.

 Battle of Bands :
1. Each team is to perform a minimum of two songs.
2. Instruments will not be provided except for sound system.
3. Duration of performance should be of 15 minutes maximum, including the setup.
4. Event for Senior College students only.
5. Entry fees – Rs. 500/- .

 Instrumentals
1. For setup 2 minutes will be allotted.
2. Performance should not exceed 4 minutes.
3. Music instruments won’t be provided.
4. Background track/Karaoke won’t be allowed.
5. Beat boxing, whistling and other unconventional instruments are allowed
6. Entry fees: 150/-

 Street Play :
1. 5 to 15 participants per team.
2. Performance should not exceed 20mins. Which includes entry and exit.
3. Participants can use costumes according to the respective scripts.
4. Vulgarity and inappropriate language will be subjected to team disqualification.
5. Teams will be judged on the basis of script, delivery of expressions, stage mannerism, coordination, voice modulation and interacting with the crowd.
6. Judges discretion will be final.
7. Entry fees – Rs. 500/-.

Sports Events
 Box Cricket :
1. Participation- Team of 5 members
2. Rules will be explained for on spot
3. Entry fees- Rs. 500/-.

 5 a side Football :
1. Participation – Team of 5+2 rolling subs.
2. 10 mins per half with 10 mins break at halftime.
3. No Studs allowed, Futsals and sports shoes allowed.
4. Entry fee – Rs. 500

 Tug of War :
1. Participation- Team of 5 members
2. No mix team allowed
3. Entry fees- Rs. 250/-.

LAN Games
 Counter Strike 1.6 :
1. Participation- Team of 5 members
2. No screening
3. No use of offensive language
4. Get your own accessories if needed.(Headphones will not be provided)
5. Entry fees- Rs. 300/-.

 Need For Speed- Most Wanted :
1. Participation- Individual
2. No use of offensive language
3. Get your own accessories if needed.(Headphones will not be provided)
4. Entry fees- Rs. 100/-.

Adventure Events
 Treasure Hunt :
1. Participation-Team of 5 members
2. Area for event-In and around campus(2km radius)
3. No vehicles allowed
4. Entry fees- Rs. 350/-.

 Scavenger Hunt :
1. Participation- Team of 5 members
2. No vehicles allowed
3. Entry fees- Rs. 250/-.

Art Events
 Ads spoof :
1. Participation Minimum 2 members and maximum 5 members
2. Topic would be given on the spot
3. Team can perform only up to 3 minutes
4. Decision of the management in case of any discrepancy is final and conclusive
5. Only chart paper will be provided
6. Entry fees Rs 250/-.

 Poster Making :
1. Participants - Individual
2. Topic will be given on the spot
3. Only drawing sheets will be provided. Participants have to bring all the stationary required.
4. Poster are primarily to be painted but use of crayons will be also allowed to some extent.
5. Entry fees – Rs. 150/-.

Click :
1. Participation- Individual
2. Topics will be given on spot
3. Area- inside and around campus(1km)
4. No editing allowed
5. Time and Date settings in camera should be show before the competition
6. Entry fees- Rs. 150/-.

RAY 2015
15th Dec 2015
Bhavans College Mumbai

  • Band Event.

  • Literary events.

  • Sports.

  • Workshops.

  • Mr and Miss Ray.

  • Performing arts.

Talentron 2015
17th Dec 2015
Zeal College of Engineering and Research

Boldbrush (Painting)
Abhinay (Acting)
LensArc (Photography)
FootLoose (Dance)
I Lead (Debate)
Wordsmith (Writing)
Treble Makers (War of Bands)
Ragaa (Singing)

Prarambh 2k16
16th Jan 2016
Heritage Business School

Startup challenge
Salesman of the year
Bollywood Dance
Western dance
Classical singing
western/Bollywood singing
Band Competition
Street Dance
and many more..

Integration 15
16th Jan 2016
Indian Statistical Institute

Gaming- CS1.6, CSGO, Dota2, Fifa11
Sports- Chess, Cricket, Football, Carrom, TT
Tech- TechQuiz, Mystiq, MTRP
Cultural- Skit, Singing, Dancing, Cartooning, Quiz, Debate, Photography, Short Film, Band contest

Rajnigandha 16
20th Jan 2016
Dyal Singh Evening College
New Delhi

Street Play
T-shirt Painting
Semi Classical Solo Singing
Classical Solo Singing
Group Singing
Battle of Bands
Solo Dance(Western/Folk)
Group Dance(Folk)
Rangoli Making
Duet Dance
Group Dance(Western)

Alcheringa - Rock O' Phonix 2016
28th Jan 2016
IIT Guwahati

This section includes: Rock-o-Phonix, a rock Band competition which sees nationwide participation and is one of the biggest rock Band completions in all of India. Winners of Rock-o-Phonix include Dark Carnage in 2012, The Urban Early Men in 2013 and UDX in 2014 and Reverse Tragedy in 2015.

The Music Module comprises Voice of Alcheringa, a solo singing competition, also one of the most sought after events at Alcheringa, Raga High, Indian music competition between Bands and Unplugged, a Country Music competition without electrical amplification.

Under this module the various events include Theatrix, a stage drama competition, a street play competition Halla Bol, a stand-upcomedy event Why So Serious? and mime competition Mute.

And Many More.

Vivacity 16
28th Jan 2016
The LNM Institute of Information Technology

Art and Craft
Vogue,The Fashion Parade
Razzmataz,The Dance Show
Raddrock,The Batlle of Bands
Mr. and Ms Vivacity
Outlaw,Street Dance

Taarangana 16
29th Jan 2016
Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
New Delhi

Western dance- solo/group
Singing- solo/pair
Street play
Battle of Bands
Fashion parade
Folk dance
Mono acting
Group Discussion

ingeNUity 16
30th Jan 2016
NIIT University

1.Battle of the Bands
2.Celebrity DJ Night
3.Group Dance
4.Street Play
5.Fashion Show

25th Feb 2016
IIT Jodhpur

A. Cultural:
Music, Dance, Fine arts, Hindi literature, English literature, Quiz, Debate

B. Technical:
Aeromodelling, Automobile, Programming, Electronics, Robotics, Wed designing, Project exhibition.

C. Prakriti:
Akriti, Red Cross across India, Ushma, Nav umesh, Blood Donation Camp.

D. Major events:
Clash of Bands, Antarang: the fashion show, Group Dance, Robo Soccer, Robo War, WCA Rubik’s Cube

E. Informals:
Breakthrough, Speed dating, LAN gaming, Fun Games, Business events, Tech informals, Scavenger’s hunt.

Pratishruti 16
3rd Mar 2016
Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management

Event Name Competition
1. Rattlehead Rock-Band
2. Footsteps Dance
3. Persona Personality Contest
4. Ingenium Group Tasks
5. Vibrato Vocal and Insrumental
6. Stimulus Literary
7. Beatmakers' Arena War of DJs
8. Art Affairs Art Competition
9. LAN Gaming Online Gaming
10. Picasso Photography
11. Kwik Cricket Street Cricket
12. Soccer Storm Football
13. Dalal Street Virtual Stock Market
14. Take Down Arm Wrestling

Sparsh 2k16
23rd Mar 2016
Raj Kumar Goel Engineering College

We will have the most deadliest rock Band performances

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