Hands on Training on Natural Language Processing using spaCy 2020, Kongu Engineering College, Hands on Training, Erode, Tamil Nadu, 14th February 2020

  • Category: Hands on Training
  • Start Date: 14th February 2020
  • End Date: 14th February 2020
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Hands on Training on Natural Language Processing using spaCy 2020


OBJECTIVENatural Language Processing is one of the principal areas of Artificial Intelligence. NLP plays a critical role in many intelligent applications such as automated chat bots, multi-lingual translation, sentiment analysis and opinion identification, automatic summarization, named entity recognition, relationship extraction, speech recognition, and topic segmentation from data. spaCy is a relatively new framework in the Python Natural Language Processing environment. It was specifically designed to be as fastas possible and accurate. The main aim of this workshop is to explore some fundamental NLP concepts and show how they can be implemented using the increasingly popular spaCy package in Python.The main goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from both academia and industry, to discuss recent advances, identify future directions in Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and to foster interdisciplinary collaborative research in this area.


Bascics in Natural Language Processing
Analyzing and Processing Text with spaCy
Installing spaCy
Tokenizing the TextCleaning
Text Data: Removing Stopwords
Removing Stopwords from our DataLexicon Normalization
LemmatizationPart of Speech (POS) Tagging
Entity DetectionDependency ParsingWord Vector RepresentationText Classification

Event Theme

Artificial Intelligence


BOARDINGAND LODGINGAccommodation and boarding will be provided to outstation participants inthe college campuson chargeable basis Rs. 200 per Day

How to reach Kongu Engineering College, Erode

The college is situated at Perundurai on the National Highway (NH 47) about 80 km from Coimbatore and 20 km from Erode. It is well connected by air, road and rail.

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