Short Course on Geotechnical aspects of Earthquake Engineering 2019, IIT Indore, Training, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 26th - 28th December 2019

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  • Start Date: 26th December 2019
  • End Date: 28th December 2019
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Short Course on Geotechnical aspects of Earthquake Engineering 2019


India has experienced the most disastrous earthquake like Assam (M=8.7), Kaogra 1905 (M=8.6), Bihar-Nepal 1934 
(M=8.4), Assam-Tibet 195(M=8.7), Uttarkashi 1991
(M=6.5), Latur 1993 (M=6.4), Jabalpur 1997 (M=6.0),
Chamoli 1993 (M=6.8), Bhuj 201 (M=7.6), Kashmir
2005 (M=7.4) and Sikkim 2011 (M=6.9), Kashmir 2015
(M=5.7), Bharatpur 2015 (M=7.3), Tripura 2017 (M=5.7),
North-east 2018 (M=5.5), Mirpur 2019- (M=4.7), Jhelum
Punjab 2019 (M=5.6) in the recent past
The large and rapidly growing urban seismic risk,
particularly in development countries like India is a
problem that needs to be quickly solved. Urbanization s
rapidly increasing in every city in India. Huge
infrastructure developmental plans have been laid in all
these cities which are demanding trained structural
engineers/consultants in a large number. It is observed that
large concentration of damage in specific areas during an
earthquake is due to site dependent factors related to
surface geological conditions and local soil altering
seismic motion. To reduce the gap and transfer the
knowledge many workshops, seminars, sort courses and
technical lectures were conducted by IIT Indore, t bring
the awareness amongst the professional engineers.
The course is designed to have a broader review on the
various aspects of Geotechnical Engineering interlinked
with Earthquake Engineering. Each of these lectures
during this short course addresses specific issues from the
beginning to end (from engineering seismology to
Earthquake resistant design). The course lectures cover
both fundamentals and applications including hands-on
experience in seismic design of sub-structures


Day 1:
Lecture-1: Overview of Earthquake Engineering
Lecture-2: Dynamic Soil Properties
Lecture-3: Geotechnical Testing Methods
Tutorial 1: Demo on Geophysical Testing
Day 2:
Lecture – 4 : Seismic Hazard Analysis
Lecture 5: Ground Response Analysis
Lecture- 6: Local Site Effect
Tutorial 2: Detailed Ground Response Analysis
Daye 3:
Lecture-7: Liquefaction Hazard Assessment
Lecture-8: Seismic Design of shallow and Deep
Lecture-9: Seismic Design of Retaining Walls
Tutorial 3: Assessment of Liquefaction Potential.


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