Workshop on Materials Preparation and Characterization Techniques 2019, PSG College of Arts and Science, Hands on Training, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 1st - 2nd November 2019

  • Category: Hands on Training
  • Start Date: 1st November 2019
  • End Date: 2nd November 2019
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Workshop on Materials Preparation and Characterization Techniques 2019


Methods of preparing bulk, nano and thin films play a crucial role in designing and discovering newer materials. The most crucial aspect in case of organic and inorganic compounds and thin films is the synthesis of high purity and well crystalline compounds. Various preparation techniques are being utilized to synthesize compounds with peculiar properties. Focusing the perspective of preparation techniques is found importance in the current scientific scenario.

Materials characterisation is an integral part for understanding the structure- property relationships and suitable material applications. With development in science and technology, characterisation techniques have evolved and facilitated understanding of matter and advanced applications. While the characterisation is a major field for materials scientists, it remains an important aspect for all engineering areas and sciences. In-spite of being a multidisciplinary pursuit, understanding and interpreting data from characterisation techniques can be difficult and misleading. Given this, it is important to know about the characterisation techniques and their developments and at the same time use the obtained results carefully for right conclusions.


It is proposed to organize workshop on materials preparation and characterization techniques to enhance the knowledge of fellow researchers from the field of materials science. Further, the workshop provides an apt opportunity for the participants to analyze their own research data and get their doubts clarified personally for better understanding.

Participants are requested to bring their own laptops to have a detailed experience with each software and analysis sessions. Necessary measures have been taken to provide required software and sample data for analysis during training sessions.



Day 1:

Preparation of Inorganic Materials - Dr. V. Anbarasu

Solid State Reaction Technique
Preparatory procedures
Controlling structural parameters

Preparation and Characterization Techniques of Ferroelectric Materials - Dr. V. Annamalai

Fabrication of pellets using hot press apparatus
Polling apparatus and Piezometer studies
Analysis on the results

Synthesis and characterization of Thin films and nanomaterials - Dr. V. Anbarasu

Chemical Bath Deposition Technique
Preparatory procedures
Optical characterizations

Identification and Stabilization of Solitons – An analytical approach - Dr. P. Sakthi Vinayagam

Introduction to Non-linear Dynamics
Introduction to Bose – Einstein Condensates
Analytical approaches to construct Soliton solutions

Day 2:

Introduction to Powder X-Ray Diffraction and interpretation - Dr. V. Anbarasu

Structural refinement from Powder XRD Data using PowderX Software - Dr. V. Anbarasu

Structural refinement from Powder XRD Data using Powder Cell Software - Dr. K. Saravana Kumar

Quality of Data
Crystalline / Amorphous Analysis
Phase Identification
Lattice Parameter Determination
Space group Determination
Phase Quantification
Multiphase analysis
Substitution/Doping analysis


Fest Guests

SATTUR - 626 203

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