Workshop on VLSI Design Flow and FPGA Architecture, Kongu Engineering College, Workshop, Erode, Tamil Nadu, 30th August 2016

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  • Start Date: 30th August 2016
  • End Date: 30th August 2016
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Workshop on VLSI Design Flow and FPGA Architecture


VLSI Applications form the key to many emerging systems of modern technology. Today there are several applications where FPGAs can provide better solutions than ASICs and conventional microprocessors.. With the advent of FPGAs we have entered the era of reconfigurable computing. FPGAs act as a sort of system-level silicon super-glue, sitting at the periphery of the circuit board making anything to connect to anything else, so that we could adapt on the fly and change our design to leverage any new, improved component without having to abandon the rest of the design. 
Through this course we try to provide interesting insights into the world of FPGAs. The workshop will provide an understanding of Design-implementation flow involved in FPGA Design and Implementation. Workshop module will provide the participants with hands-on tool usage experience. The training emphasizes hands on experience of Analog & digital design and its implementations on Xilinx boards.


* FPGA architecture and design flow
* Behavioral and structural description for design representation and design entry
* Design and simulation of digital circuits using Xilinx ISE
* FPGA specific structural optimization with respect to speed and area
* Configuration bitstream generation for actual implementation on FPGA Integrate Xilinx System Generator with
*MATLAB/Simulink and explore model based design approach using Xilinx FPGA’s


Accommodation will be provided on chargeable basis to the participants
Accommodation fee- Rs.200/day

How to reach Kongu Engineering College, Erode

The college is situated at Perundurai on the National Highway NH-47 about 80 Kilometers from Coimbatore Air port and 20 Kilometers from Erode Railway Station.

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