Quiz Competitions in College Fests, Events in October 2016.

26 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Quiz Events
Prayaan 2016
25 Oct 2016
Marine Engineering and Research Institute Mumbai

Tech Ventura
Model Making
Propel 'o' fast
Essay writing
Shutter bugs
Band War
Dj Night
Art Attack
Counter Strike
Just A Minute

BioDhruva '16
26 Oct 2016
Bharath University

Technical Events:

Guest Presentation
Student Presentation
Critical Care Equipment Exhibition

Non Technical Events:

Treasure Hunt
Dancing and Singing (solo &group)
On Spot Quiz
On Spot Speech
Dialogue Dubbing
Bottle Sip
Nose Dive
Back Flip
This Blows
Nut Stackers
Obstacle Challenge

Waves 2k16
27 Oct 2016
Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies

Business Quiz
Best Manager
Finance Game
Marketing Game
H R Game

Treasure Hunt
Dance Competition
Adaptune (Spot Dance)
Spot Photography

Karma XII '16
27 Oct 2016
Nehru School of Management


Invictus (Best Manager)
Pari Passu (Best Management Team)
The Wolf of Wall Street (Finance Game)
Rocket Singh (Marketing Game)
Proslipseis (HR Game)
Jewel of the Nile (Treasure Hunt)
Angavikshepa (Group Dance)
Valentino (Ramp Walk)
Biz’llect (Business Quiz)
ExQuizits (General Quiz)
Prosopo Hue (Face Painting)
Monochrome (Photography)
Pac-Man (Video Games)

Enigma 2k16
27 Oct 2016
Sri Venkateswara Institute of Technology

1. Paper Presentation
2. Canavas (poster Presentation)
3. Live Projects
4. Circuit Designing
5. Brain Strom (Quiz)
6. Spot Events

Aavishkaar 2k16
28 Oct 2016
PVKK Institute of Technology

Paper Presentation
Poster Presentation
Model Exhibition
Technical Quiz
Ethnic Contest (Traditional Fashion Show)
Howzaat (Fun Game)
Pot Breaking (Fun Game)
Colour Jumping (Fun Game)
Many More Events

ECLAT 2016
03 Nov 2016
Marian College Kuttikanam

Best Management Team
Marketing Game
Adventure Game
Finance Game
Business Quiz

Ramsayana 2k16
03 Nov 2016
RAMS Business School


1. BEST MANAGER - Individual event
2.MARKETING GAME - 4 members
3.HR GAME - 4 members
4. FINANCE GAME – 4 members

1. TREASURE HUNT - 4 members
2. PHOTOGRAPHY – Individual event
3. BUSINESS Quiz - 2 members

Breeze 16
04 Nov 2016
Shiv Nadar University
Gautam Budh Nagar

The Cultural fest has myriads of events that include music, art, photography, dance, dramatics, Quizzing and literary events.
The Sports fest on the other hand, boasts of tournaments in Cricket, Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Squash and Badminton to sports like Chess and Table-Tennis.

Cranium 16
04 Nov 2016
CMS Business School Jain University

Human Resources
Business Quiz
Best Entrepreneur
Best Manager

Adavaita 2k16
04 Nov 2016
Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology

Chupacabra (Marketing Games)
Spookies (HR Games)
Bountyhunter (Finace Games)
The Dark Prince (Best Manager)
Ghouls Gathering (Best Managennt Team)
Coffin Break (Business Quiz)
Monster Bash (Theme Dance)
Zombie Hunter (Trasure Hunt)
Graveyard Roll (Corporate Walk)

Waves 2016
04 Nov 2016
BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus

Natyanjali, Mr and Ms Waves, Fash P, Searock

Wolf of Wall Street, Bullion Beatdown, Consulere

Fine Arts
Artathon, Potraiture, Panaroma, Blind Art

Sizzle, Just Duet

Cultural Gauntlet, Inked, Word Games

Rangmanch, Nukkad Natak, Skime

Indian Rock, Silence of the Amps, The Jukebox, Solonote, Aalap

Film and Photography
Montage, Mezzotint

Waves Open Quiz, The Vices Quiz, Tides of Time Quiz, The Lonewolf

LexOmnia-Moot Court, Ratatouille, Strangely Familiar, Show me the Funny, Spin-Off, Contention

Insignia 16
05 Nov 2016
NIT Delhi


Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity is an educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.
We want our participating delegates to learn about diplomacy between the nations, leadership while at the same time participate and showcase their debating skills as well as a plethora of other skills which can define a nation’s delegate.
Our NITD MUN planned to simulate three committees of the United Nations namely the General Assembly, Security Council and Human Rights Council. True to the spirit of United Nations, here at NITD MUN, we strive to foster constructive forum for open discourse on various global issues.
2. Wordsmith’s Wonderland:
It is a game of words. This event will be held in multiple rounds. Four exciting and thrilling rounds have been prepared to engage the participants for the duration of the event.
3. Ghost writing:
Keeping in mind the infamous festival surrounding Insignia, this event is sure to give you goosebumps. Participants shall compose a story involving a supernatural entity from either mythology or folklore.
4. Tussle of Tongues:
A debating event that will test the ability of the participants to articulate their arguments and clarify their ideas.
5. Hex A Hex:
An enchanting bout of Quizzing in which the participants are expected to answer the questions based on six genres starting with the letter ‘H’ . They are Halloween, Hinduism, Harry Potter, History, Hollywood and Health.
6. Les Quizzerables:
A multi-disciplinary mega Quiz competition. Audio visuals, favourite genres, buzzers and rapid fire – it has all the interesting elements in it. In a nutshell this event is four rounds of non-stop test to the nerdy brains.
7. The Dead Man’s Chest:
This is a treasure hunt. Filling the day with a combination of mystery and a little spook, this event tests the nerve of the participants. All they need to do is to unravel the clues and find the treasure.
8. The Rag picker’s pursuit:
The teams compete among each other to obtain most of the items in a list given to them. The list contains some specific and quite unusual things. The team that manages to collect most of them wins.
9. For Better, For Verse
A poem writing competition with a twist. The poets are expected to compose a poem on the given them in such a way that the first letter of each line falls in alphabetical order.
10. Comes Around Goes Around
An online story writing competition in which the participants must write a story which when read backwards should be a different story.
11. I google

This is an online Quiz competition. The participants can use Google to answer the questions. The one who answers the most number of question will turn out to be the winner in this race against the time.
1. Blind Fold
Participants need to draw a picture while their eyes are blindfolded. The person who draws the closest will be the Blindfold artist of Insignia 2K16.

2. Murral Painting
Participants should decorate a clay model given to them. They can use anything from waste materials to paints.

1. Minute to win it
2. Tug of War
3. Typ-a-thon
4. Tattoo Design and face painting
5. Belly Balloon
6. Gully Cricket
7. Letters to Juliet-wall of fear
8. Uff mirchi

Luminance 2016
11 Nov 2016
DC School of Management and Technology

best Manager
Marketing Game
HR Game
Finance Game
Potential Manager
Theme Show
Best Management Team
Business Quiz

Simthesis 9.0
11 Nov 2016
Saintgits College of Engineering

PG Events:- Best Manger, Business plan, Best Management team, Business Quiz, Marketing Game, Finance Game, HR Game.

UG Events:- Potential Manager, Business Quiz, Group Dance , Corporate Walk.

Spot Events:- Spot Photography, Spot Dance, Treasure Hunt

Online Promo Event:- Selfie Contest

ConQuizTador 16
11 Nov 2016
PES Institute of Technology

General Knowledge Quiz

Infotsav '16
12 Nov 2016

Technical Events: Techathalon, Hackathon, Bug Spot, Code Rush, Software Development, Algorithm Writing, Code Stumble.
Robo Fiesta: Course Chaser, Blazing Wheels, Robo Soccer, Robo Wars, Build It.
Managerial Events: Sameeksha, BrandSome, Pinnacle, Tomorrow Cities, Jobs, Innovation through Waste.
Online Events: Forex, Job Bureau, Trove Trace, SnapTrap.
Onsite Events: Arthshastra, IT Quiz, Language Quiz, Aptitude Quiz, Anime Mania.
Others: Gamiacs(Counter Strike), School events.

KarmAnta 2k16
23 Nov 2016
Vimal Jyothi Institute of Management and Research

Best Manager, HR, Marketing, Finance, Best Management Team, System, Business Quiz, Photography, Corporate Fashion Show, Dance

Navigator '16
25 Nov 2016
Marian College Kuttikanam

Paper Presentation
Word Hunt
Treasure Hunt

Ushus 2016
25 Nov 2016
Christ University Institute of Management

Garuda [Best Manager]
Pratigya [B-Plan]
Vanshi [B-Quiz]
Balidaan [CSR]
Shukra [Finance]
Astras [General Management]
Lakshagraha [HR]
Karta Virya [Marketing]
Yagna [Operations]

Arthayudh 2016
09 Dec 2016
Christ University

The Best Manager
Human Resource
Managerial Economics
Business Quiz
Group Task
Corporate Event (For Professionals only..not students)

Impressions 2016
10 Dec 2016
College of Engineering Pune

Dance (Terpsichore) : Dance is art. Dance is ubiquitous. It represents beauty, grace, passion, hard work, emotions in our body that are defined intricately through minuscule movements. COEP presents to the innate dancer a variety of segments to perform in.

1) Street Forward

Street dancers come forth and challenge their rivals for the ultimate face-off

2) Rangeela

Paisa vasool, fun-filled Bollywood dances

3) So Du et !

A non-thematic Solo and Duet dance module

Acting (Histriono) : Theatre is so great a part of humankind that it has become a culture. Great playwrights created characters which great actors brought to life. Acting is about enunciation, loudness, clarity and the power to convince. The ability to evoke sentiment. This is a platform to all those who believe in mastering this craft.

1) Limelight

A mono acting competition platform for amateur thespians

2) Artiskit

Performers bring the stage to life through 15-minute skits

3) Suno suno

Don’t just entertain. Educate.

4) Kaavya

The Poetry Slam section of the fest

Music (Symphonius) : Music never exists for just one person. It provides solace for all moods, for all whims. Music is the universal language, perceived by all the senses. Go solo, bring a partner, or get your clique. Immerse yourself in the sound of music.

1) SAvaNI

A Solo and Duet module for singing

2) High Current

Electrically charged music reverberates throughout the stands in the Battle of Bands

Arts & Craft (Illuminati) : True art is the epitome of aestheticism. While beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder, a real artist creates beauty too breathtaking to behold. With overbounding creativity and supreme finesse, it's your turn to bedazzle us with your artistic prowess.

1) Strokes in blinks

A fast painting competition

2) Tee two one… Sold!

T-shirt painting contest where the winner gets to auction his art

3) Wrap in Scrap

Design and create a fabulous outfit using nothing but paper!

Sixth Lense (Panorama) : With every Tom, Dick and Harry strutting about with a professional camera, true talent at filming is still rare. This is a module for dedicated filmmakers and photographers. Stun with your creativity and your ability to look at commonplace events through an uncommon perspective.

1) Box Office

Prepare short films/documentaries of 3-5 minutes

2) Free Lenser

A Photography module

Informals A -
1] Gaming Zone :
The gaming area for all true nerds

2] Adventure Sports
Paintball, Zorbing and other such fun-spiked activities

3] Bikers Showcase
A dazzling display of sleek, hardened bikes

Informals B-
1] Subway Art Gallery
An exhibition by the Arts N Crafts Club in COEP

2] Illusion Perspective
A 3D painting created by the ANC members

3] Face Painting
A face painting competition for all

Informals C-
1] Poker
The search for the best bluffmaster in the game of poker

2] Minute To Win It
A set of tasks that must be completed in a minute

3] Food Challenge
The winner eats the most from the three-course meal provided

Informals D-
1] Quiz
A trivia test based on all the trending TV Series

2] Whoz Got Talent
Entertain the audience through shayari, mimicry and the likes

Epoch 16
04 Jan 2017
SIES Nerul College of Arts Science and Commerce

Finance and Fortune
Pool It
Mock Shares
Shopping Basket
and many interesting Quiz,games,debates,extempore based on finance and college fun.

Purvodaya 16
03 Feb 2017
Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur

1. Jack of All Trades: A case study competition, sponsored by Bisleri, requiring expertise of all domains of management (Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR)
2. Bulls Eye, an online stock-trading and invest-ing module, by Finterest
3. Srijan, a B-Plan competition focused on entrepreneurship, by E-Cell
4. Modus Operandi, a case study competition on operations, by SCOPE
5. Leaders Challenge, a marketing case competition, by M.A.D.
6. Triveni Case Challenge, an operations case challenge in association with Triveni Sarees
7. Guesstimates, an online 3-round by VC2 (VGSoM Consulting Club)
8. Quizzard, an online business Quiz competition, by Quiz Club
9. Parishram, a case competition to solve a real life problem faced by an NGO, by Saamanjasya
10. Shaastrarth, a parliamentary debate competition, by Saamanjasya and IIT-Kharagpur Debate Society
11. Tactica: An operations simulation game, by SCOPE 

12. Mulyankan: A financial valuation event, by Finterest

Aarohi 2017
24 Feb 2017
VNIT Nagpur

Cynosure : Personality Contest
ALA dance : Dance Contest
Purple Haze : Rock Band Contest
Swar Manzar : Singing Competition
Dramatics : Stage Play ,Street Play
Pentathlon : Team Event
Art Conoscenza
Film Making
Bollywood Quiz

Composit 2017
10 Mar 2017
IIT Kharagpur

Case Study, Data Analytics, Metallomania, Technova, Robotics, Engineering Quiz, Business Quiz, Speak Out, Guest Lectures, Panel Discussions, Meta Quiz

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