Quiz Competitions in College Fests, Events in December 2016.

18 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Quiz Events
Arthayudh 2016
09 Dec 2016
Christ University

The Best Manager
Human Resource
Managerial Economics
Business Quiz
Group Task
Corporate Event (For Professionals only..not students)

Gitam Excellency Meet
09 Dec 2016
GITAM University

Cultural Night
Finance Contest
Human Resource Contest
Business Quiz
Marketing Contest

Impressions 2016
10 Dec 2016
College of Engineering Pune

Dance (Terpsichore) : Dance is art. Dance is ubiquitous. It represents beauty, grace, passion, hard work, emotions in our body that are defined intricately through minuscule movements. COEP presents to the innate dancer a variety of segments to perform in.

1) Street Forward

Street dancers come forth and challenge their rivals for the ultimate face-off

2) Rangeela

Paisa vasool, fun-filled Bollywood dances

3) So Du et !

A non-thematic Solo and Duet dance module

Acting (Histriono) : Theatre is so great a part of humankind that it has become a culture. Great playwrights created characters which great actors brought to life. Acting is about enunciation, loudness, clarity and the power to convince. The ability to evoke sentiment. This is a platform to all those who believe in mastering this craft.

1) Limelight

A mono acting competition platform for amateur thespians

2) Artiskit

Performers bring the stage to life through 15-minute skits

3) Suno suno

Don’t just entertain. Educate.

4) Kaavya

The Poetry Slam section of the fest

Music (Symphonius) : Music never exists for just one person. It provides solace for all moods, for all whims. Music is the universal language, perceived by all the senses. Go solo, bring a partner, or get your clique. Immerse yourself in the sound of music.

1) SAvaNI

A Solo and Duet module for singing

2) High Current

Electrically charged music reverberates throughout the stands in the Battle of Bands

Arts & Craft (Illuminati) : True art is the epitome of aestheticism. While beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder, a real artist creates beauty too breathtaking to behold. With overbounding creativity and supreme finesse, it's your turn to bedazzle us with your artistic prowess.

1) Strokes in blinks

A fast painting competition

2) Tee two one… Sold!

T-shirt painting contest where the winner gets to auction his art

3) Wrap in Scrap

Design and create a fabulous outfit using nothing but paper!

Sixth Lense (Panorama) : With every Tom, Dick and Harry strutting about with a professional camera, true talent at filming is still rare. This is a module for dedicated filmmakers and photographers. Stun with your creativity and your ability to look at commonplace events through an uncommon perspective.

1) Box Office

Prepare short films/documentaries of 3-5 minutes

2) Free Lenser

A Photography module

Informals A -
1] Gaming Zone :
The gaming area for all true nerds

2] Adventure Sports
Paintball, Zorbing and other such fun-spiked activities

3] Bikers Showcase
A dazzling display of sleek, hardened bikes

Informals B-
1] Subway Art Gallery
An exhibition by the Arts N Crafts Club in COEP

2] Illusion Perspective
A 3D painting created by the ANC members

3] Face Painting
A face painting competition for all

Informals C-
1] Poker
The search for the best bluffmaster in the game of poker

2] Minute To Win It
A set of tasks that must be completed in a minute

3] Food Challenge
The winner eats the most from the three-course meal provided

Informals D-
1] Quiz
A trivia test based on all the trending TV Series

2] Whoz Got Talent
Entertain the audience through shayari, mimicry and the likes

Eminence 2k16 Ver.4.0
10 Dec 2016
St Marys College Manarcad

Best Manager
Business Quiz
Marketing Game
IPL auction
Treasure Hunt

Cognito 2016
12 Dec 2016
Christ University

Business Quiz
Business Fest

14 Dec 2016
Government Law College Ernakulam

• PRAGYA (General Quiz)
• CHOREOEVE (Group Dance)
• Debate
• Eassy
• Spot Dance
• Spot Photography
• Short Film
• Virtual Gaming (Mini Militia)
• 3’s Football
• Paper Presentation
• Story Writing
• Judgement Writing
• Street Play

16 Dec 2016
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute VJTI

WALLSTREET is a part of Entrepreneurship Cell, VJTI.
It's Events include
Executive Suite

Spectrum 2016
19 Dec 2016
Mulund College of Commerce

Cricket, Football, Tug of War, Chess, Checkmate, Table Tennis, N.F.S, F.I.F.A, C.S, Pot Painting, Face painting, T-Shirt painting, Mehendi, Rangoli, Canvas Painting, Write it up!, Click a pic, Fast and Logical, Find Me, Debate, Quiz, Extempore etc.

Technovanza 2016
23 Dec 2016
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute VJTI


Some of the highlighted lectures held at Technovanza were by: -
● Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India
● Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons
● Mr. Rahul Yadav, co-founder of Housing.com
● Mr. Harsha Bhogale, BCCI Commentator
● Mrs. Kiran Bedi, former IPS officer and Hon’ble Governor of Puducherry

Some of the lecturers in the AY 2016-17 by Technovanza were by:
● Dr. John C. Mather, Nobel laureate and scientist at NASA
● Mr. Alan Mamedi, founder of TrueCaller

There are different types of events organized under different domains in Technovanza. They are: -

● ROBOWARS: A battle between two wireless heavy robots carrying active weapons controlled externally in a closed arena. Prize money INR 1,25,000 to be won! Please visit: (www.technovanza.org/robowars.php)

● VJTI Robotics Challenge (VRC): VRC is teamwork based robotic event aiming at coordination between a manual bot and a line following autobot. Register at (www.technovanza.org/vrc.php). Prize money INR 70,000 to be won!

● MONSTER ARENA: Think your bot can take on any obstacles thrown at it? We give you a grueling track filled with a heady mix of obstacles to test your bot. Toughen up and drive your bot through this Monster Arena to emerge the top dog. We’ll be giving cash prizes of INR 15000! (www.technovanza.org/monsterarena.php)

● WALL-E: An event involving moving an autonomous line follower bot on the desired track, please visit (www.technovanza.walle.php). Prize money INR 10000 to be won!

● ROBOSUMO: A battle between two moderately heavy wired/wireless bots in an open arena without any active weapon, easier than Robowars; register at (www.technovanza.org/robosumo.php). Prize money INR 15000 to be won!

● ROBOSOCCER: Interested in football? And want to make it tech-savvy? Make a manually controlled bot that can play football. Participate in this amazing event at Technovanza and prizes INR 7000. Register at: (www.technovanza.org/robosoccer.php).

● AQUA BATTLE FRONT: It’s a new event at Technovanza 2016 which involves moving a robot underwater. Please visit (www.technovanza.org/aqua.php). Prize money INR 10000 to be won!


● CLIMB-E-ROPE: This event is a race between rope climbing bots by using hydraulic mechanism. Prizes INR 3000 to be won. (www.technovanza.org/climb-e-rope.php)

● FAST & FURIOUS: Make the fastest and toughest IC Engine car & brace yourselves as you maneuver it around an all-terrain course with steep ramps and tight bends! Go fast, go furious and punch in the fastest times to blow away the competition! Cash prize of INR 65,000 up for grabs! (www.technovanza.org/fastnfurious.php)


● C-WAY: Programming in C – Prize money INR 4000 to be won!

● JAVA GURU: Programming in Java – Prize money INR 3500 to be won!

● TECHNOHUNT: Enter the world of exquisite programming where your analytical & logical skills will be put to test in a series of juxtaposed coding riddles and problems requiring concentration & coordination. Use knowledge of C, C++ or Java & crack the levels to emerge victorious in this Techno Hunt! Prize money INR 5000 to be won! (www.technovanza.org/technohunt.php)

● ULTIMATE CODER: Ever wondered to experience the most challenging coding competition? Can you keep your cool under tense situations & focus on your code? If yes, then this is the event for you! Prize money INR 25000 to be won! (www.technovanza.org/ultimatecoder.php)

● MISSION SQL: Aims at executing SQL queries to generate your required results; register at (www.technovanza.org/missionsql.php). Prize money INR 3500 to be won!

● CODE SWAP: Code Swap is coordination based programming challenge where the players in a team will interchange their codes. Swapping allows the players to code in not only one but two programs in different languages which make it all the more interesting and challenging. Prize money INR 4000 to be won!

● Sherlocked: A new event at Technovanza 2016! Prize money INR 5000 to be won! (http://technovanza.org/sherlocked.php)


● BRIDGE THE GAP: Through “Bridge the Gap”, Technovanza offers you the challenge to design and construct a model of a cable stayed bridge and cantilever made of popsicle sticks, adhesive and thread that will portage maximum load along with sufficing the constraints. Prize money INR 7,000 to be won. (www.technovanza.org/bridgethegap.php)

● SMART CITY: Ever harbored dreams of building a city? Realize your dream through this event, wherein you’ve to put creativity and planning skills to use and create the perfect City! Prize money INR 10,000 to be won! (www.technovanza.org/smartcity.php)


● MAKER’S SQUARE: A national level exhibition between projects in ranging from electronics to robotics, mechanics, civil, physics experiments, etc. Make use of this platform provided by Technovanza to showcase your ideas to the world by redesigning technologies and devices. There are prize money INR 30000 to be won!

● RCMO-Rubik’s Cube Mumbai Open: Do you think you’re fast enough to solve any Rubik’s cube? Want a platform where you can compete in this aspect with like-minded people? Technovanza presents Rubik’s Cube Mumbai Open (RCMO), a WCA certified event and one of India’s largest cubing competitions, provides with one such opportunity. Cash Prize of INR 28,000 to be won. (www.technovanza.org/rcmo.php)

● TPP-Technical Paper Presentation: Here’s your chance to present yourself, explain the working of gadgets or provide innovative solutions to the current problems faced by the world. Grab this opportunity and present your views by submitting and drafting your thesis on white paper. Based on your fact-finding and experimentation you will be rewarded with cash prizes of INR 15,000! (www.technovanza.org/tpp.php)

● CRYPTEXT: Here’s your chance to be a detective… Put on your thinking caps, gear up your mind, get your magnifying glasses and sharpen your deduction skills… We present you our very own Murder Mystery in “Cryptext”. Decrypt your way into suspect profiles and clues and forensic analysis of murder weapons to find the culprit in this adventure filled event… For more details, please visit (www.technovanza.org/cryptext.php). Prizes worth INR 2500 to be won!

● IoT-Internet of Things: An online MCQ test with questions related to IOT; will be hosted on hackerearth.com. Prizes worth INR 2500 to be won! (www.technovanza.org/iot.php)

● CODE ROYALE: A 5 day online coding event; please visit (www.technovanza.org/coderoyale.php) for more details. The event will be hosted on codechef.com. Prizes worth INR 3500 to be won!

● CODE IN X: Love Coding?? Know all the coding Languages?? You think you know it all?? If you are the best out of the rest, then here is a chance to prove it. Code in X, is an open challenge to all the geeks out there. Come and quench your thirst. Accept the challenge and test the coder in you. Please visit (www.technovanza.org/codeinx.php) for more details. The event will be hosted on codechef.com. Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won!

● MYST: This is an online puzzle solving event where the aim of the candidate would be to decrypt the pictorial message. Prizes worth INR 3000 to be won! Please visit (www.technovanza.org/myst.php) for more details.

● VSM: Virtual Stock Market: Always cherished striking gold, trading at Dalal Street/Nasdaq? Think you can grab opportunities and make most of out of the dynamic stock market? Are you that smart investor who can buy right and sell right? Do you believe that the Stock Market is where you belong? BRACE YOURSELF. Here comes the simulation of it i.e. VIRTUAL STOCK MARKET game presented by Technovanza in association with Endeavor. It is an exciting opportunity to show your investment skills and win prizes by playing this game. Prizes worth INR 3500 to be won! Please visit (www.technovanza.org/vsm.php).

Are you a leader on campus and comfortable coordinating people, events and exhibits?
Apply to become a Technovanza Campus Ambassador for your college campus and join an exclusive network of campus leaders all over the country! The college cup includes all Events and Exhibits of Technovanza worth INR 5.5 lakhs. Apply for VJTI Technovanza Campus Ambassador and lead your college to glory - (http://bit.do/campus-ambassador)

Start-up fair is a start-up expo where your start-up would have a visibility among the 25000 attendees of Technovanza and a chance to interact with and enhance your brand visibility among our pool of corporates and students. The Expo would be covered by our media partners. The expo will serve as platform for start-ups to interact with young minds of VJTI students and opportunity to hire from VJTI along with extensive publicity in many colleges in India including the premier institutes through the Technovanza College Ambassador Program.
For registration: http://bit.do/StartupFair For any query: Email: startupfair@technovanza.org

A new initiative by Technovanza giving the young minds an opportunity to explore their abilities and talents through various interesting competitions. Prize money INR 15000 to be won!
Science Fair:
Future scientists up on display!
The Science Fair is an opportunity to exhibit projects and research for the scientists of tomorrow. Exposure and appreciation from a crowd of thousands will motivate these young minds to greater heights.
Sixty Seconds To Fame:
Sixty seconds is all u have to conquer this fame! It is an event where aspirants are provided with a stage to come and speak up all they can about science and technology topics in a matter of 60 seconds!
It's time for Quriosity! Here's an exciting science and technology Quiz for the inquisitive minds. An amazing opportunity for students to test their wits and knowledge.

Epoch 16
04 Jan 2017
SIES Nerul College of Arts Science and Commerce

Finance and Fortune
Pool It
Mock Shares
Shopping Basket
and many interesting Quiz,games,debates,extempore based on finance and college fun.

Alma Fiesta 2017
13 Jan 2017
IIT Bhubaneswar

Fine Arts,
IIT Bhubaneswar MUN,
Miscellaneous Sports

13 Jan 2017
Army Institute of Technology

1. Quantvisuals
2. Ramanujan
3. Junkyard Wars
4. Vulcan
5. Code red (TE-BE)
6. Case study
7. Code red (FE-SE)
8. Blind coding
9. Code debugging
10. Auto Cad
11. Apti-challenge
12. Vulcan 2
13. Nand it
14. Impedance
15. PCB designing
16. Manual Racing
17. Line tracer
18. Pick ‘n’ Place
19. Tech Quiz
20. Tech Sudoku
21. Movie making
22. Sci-fi writing
23. Contraption
24. NFS
25. FIFA

Plinth '17
18 Jan 2017
The LNM Institute of Information Technology

Highlights of Plinth 2016
Some of the highlights of Plinth 2016 are

Lecture Series of PLINTH 16:
Dr K. Kasturirangan – Ex-Chairman ISRO (Padmavibhushan)
Mr. Ashwin Sanghi – Best Selling Author (Chanakya’s Chant)
Dr. Sankar K. Pal – Ex-Director ISI
Will Patterson -Freelance Graphic Designer
Amisha Sethi – Author | CMO
Anand Oswal – Vice President of Engineering, Cisco
Varun Dhawan – Interaction Architect, Innovaccer
Workshops: In past years Plinth had organized workshops, which were sponsored by Tech Giants like Google, HCL, IBM, Texas Instruments and also various companies like Analytics Vidhya and I3 India.
Competitions: Plinth 2016 played host to some of the best competitions in fields of Robotics, Management, Astronomy, Coding, Quizzing and Literature.

SAP organized a CodeJam presenting the latest SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
Robotics (Powered by Texas Instruments):
RoboWar, Line Follower, and other 4 events were organized with the total prize worth of Rs. 2 lakhs, sponsored by I3 India.
Startup Intern Fair and Negotio - The Live Crowd Funding sponsored by Startup Oasis, Ispidate, were organized by Plinth where participants were provided with internship opportunities from budding new Startups.

Model United Nations in association with United Nations India Centre with participation of over 250 students

Nehru Science Innovation and Technology Expo NSITE 2K17
20 Jan 2017
Nehru Group of Institutions Kerala

Best Engineer Contest
Science Talent Search (For School Students)
Directors Cut (For School Students)
Web Designing ( For School Students)
Project Expo ( Engineering Students)
Gigaminds V3.0 ( Quiz for College students)

Lot More From Various Departments

18th Futura
23 Jan 2017
Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

  Field/Ground Events:
1. Meteora - Mechanical 
2. Robowar - ECE
3. Robo Exotica - EEE
4. Mini Bike - Automobile
5. Road Mania - Civil
6. Machino Rastro - EIE
7. Air Show - Aeronautical

Technical Events:
Mechanical, Automobile, Civil, Agriculture, Mechatronics, Aeronautical:
1. Contraption
2. CAD Modelling
3. Hydro Launcher
4. Wing Construction
5. Maze solver
6. Climbing Robot
7. Auto Sketch
8. AUTO Quiz
9. Model Making
10. Confloat
11. Poster Presentation

Fashion, Textile, Biotechnology:
1. Logo Connections and Creations
2. Tex Puzz
3. Aye Aye Captain
4. Poroximate Polemicist
5. Cibus peepers 

1. Technovanza
2. Go over the Laser
3. E-Hunt
4. Martian Path Tracer
5. Instranix
6. Instrafun

1. Techstorm
2. Spytoseek
3. Expelliarmus
4. Gazo Dezaina

School of Management Studies:
1. Best Manager Team 
3. Bannari Amman Premier League
4. Business Plan 
5. Best Manager

1. Assembling of 3-D Printer
2. Design and Fabrication of Vehicle
3. Building Information Modeling
4. Advanced Technology in Farm Machinery and Irrigation
5. Advancements in Gene Expression and DNA Printing
6. PCB Fabrication
7. Industrial Automation using PLC and DCS 
8. LabVIEW for process control
9. Open Stack Cloud Foundry
10. Mobile Frameworks

FUN Events:
Target Shooting
Laser Tag
Lantern Night

Purvodaya 16
03 Feb 2017
Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur

1. Jack of All Trades: A case study competition, sponsored by Bisleri, requiring expertise of all domains of management (Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR)
2. Bulls Eye, an online stock-trading and invest-ing module, by Finterest
3. Srijan, a B-Plan competition focused on entrepreneurship, by E-Cell
4. Modus Operandi, a case study competition on operations, by SCOPE
5. Leaders Challenge, a marketing case competition, by M.A.D.
6. Triveni Case Challenge, an operations case challenge in association with Triveni Sarees
7. Guesstimates, an online 3-round by VC2 (VGSoM Consulting Club)
8. Quizzard, an online business Quiz competition, by Quiz Club
9. Parishram, a case competition to solve a real life problem faced by an NGO, by Saamanjasya
10. Shaastrarth, a parliamentary debate competition, by Saamanjasya and IIT-Kharagpur Debate Society
11. Tactica: An operations simulation game, by SCOPE 

12. Mulyankan: A financial valuation event, by Finterest

Aarohi 2017
24 Feb 2017
VNIT Nagpur

Cynosure : Personality Contest
ALA dance : Dance Contest
Purple Haze : Rock Band Contest
Swar Manzar : Singing Competition
Dramatics : Stage Play ,Street Play
Pentathlon : Team Event
Art Conoscenza
Film Making
Bollywood Quiz

Composit 2017
10 Mar 2017
IIT Kharagpur

Case Study, Data Analytics, Metallomania, Technova, Robotics, Engineering Quiz, Business Quiz, Speak Out, Guest Lectures, Panel Discussions, Meta Quiz

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