Quiz Competitions in College Fests, Events in July 2016.

20 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Quiz Events
Adhvagana 2.0
29 Jul 2016
Kalasalingam University

Analysis competition
Auto Quiz
Business Plan
CAE Contest
CAM Competition
Manufacturing Tech Challenge
Mechanical engg CAD design
Mobile Robotics
Modelling and Animation
Prototype Modelling
Sheet Metal
Technical Paper
Solo dance
Group dance
Short film
Lan gaming

29 Jul 2016
Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Institute of Technology

Best Film
Robo mission
Tech Quiz
(More spot events are waiting)

Imaginarium 16
31 Jul 2016
PEC University of Technology

We give the Potterheads a chance to shape the magical world after Voldemort’s demise.
Excited for the new season of Game of Thrones, here’s your chance to plan for the most important war of the seven kingdoms.
Crazy for MUN’s? We have the most exciting committee waiting for you - ‘International Peace Committee’.
Do you think you know everything about your favorite TV shows? Then test your knowledge at the fiction Quiz - ‘You know nuffin’
Take your pens and use your creative juices to create a superhero who will save the world at ‘I am STAN’

04 Aug 2016
Sri Sairam Engineering College

1. Paper Presentación
2. Quizine
3. Nexus Buildout
4. Code Sorcerer
5. Surprise Events

NeoMatronics '16
05 Aug 2016
Agni College of Technology

Paper Presentation
Dumb C
Surprise Event
Technical Quiz
Circuit Debugging
Line Follower
Robot War
Robot Race
Electronic Connection
and Many More

Enthusia '16
06 Aug 2016
MIT SOM College

3)Treasure Hunt
4)Scavenger Hunt
5)Head Shot Masters
6)NFS-Most Wanted
8)Mask Making
9)Mad Ads
10)Tug Of War
11)Box Cricket
12)Cooking Competition
13)Group Dance
14)Solo Singing
15)Solo Dance
16)Sell the Idea
17)Stock Market

Confluence '16
11 Aug 2016
Seth GSMC and KEM Hospital

We welcome you to:

1. Quizzes📚
'Quizzes to the brain are like a whetstone to a sword.' Confluence '16 boasts of two exciting and unique Quizzes- The CPC Quiz and The Pre-clinical Quiz.

2. Paper Presentation:💻
'If you have the study, we have the platform.'

3. Poster Presentation:🎖
'A picture speaks a thousand words, a poster speaks a thousand ideas...'

4. Cognition, The Symposia Competition:🎙
'All the world's a stage...'

5. Literary Events:✍
'Think. Express. Advance. '

6. Panel Discussion:
'...because great minds discuss ideas. '

7. Workshops:💉
'Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.'

8. Online Events:🖥
With the advance of technology, why not use it to further medicine too?

‼And our most famour draw, our Guest Lecturers, will be there for all the 3 days, ready to enthrall you with their exemplary work and lives. Make sure to grab your seats!‼

Technovanza '16
13 Aug 2016
KLN College of Information Technology

Papaer Presentaion,Application Development,Best Manager,Fun Events,Codex,Quiz,Photography

Exousia '16
13 Aug 2016
SA Engineering College

1. Paper Presentation
2. Shutter Up (Online Photography)
3. Make The Markup (Web Designing)
4. Code The Logic (Debugging)
5. Stage For Share (Adzap)
6. Virtual World (Surprise Games)
7. Kill Ratio ( Gaming )
8. Work Shop (Hardware Quizzing)
9. IQ Ping ( Technical Quizzing)

Metroz 2k16
16 Aug 2016
Sri Sairam Engineering College

1. Paper Presentation
2. Technical Quiz
3. CAD Modelling
4. RC Race
5. Surprise Event

Esya 2016
19 Aug 2016
IIIT Delhi

There are more than 30 events and workshops.
1. Procon Jr - This will be a nation-wide programming contest for school students - A preliminary round followed by an onsite round. For more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/153868515023869/
2. 16 Words to Go - This Esya, bring out the creative writer in you with 16 words to go. Would your wordplay be clever enough to jot down a story in 16 words or less?
More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/125808937846541/
3. Procon - The online algorithmic programming event of Esya.
Participation is open to all, with cash prizes for top Indian students(school/college). This is an individual event, and will be hosted on codechef.
More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/266411510390281/
4. HackCon - With challenges aiming to test skills in the areas of scripting, exploiting web vulnerabilities, reversing and more, Hackcon '16 is a capture-the-flag style software and web security event which will be held online.
More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1113542208691794/
5. This is an Algorithm Design Event because implementation is overrated. Registration for this event at : http://goo.gl/forms/3ime6jIthAzVQttp1
More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1614859942159411/
6. PWNED: ESYA's competitive Gaming event, with some of the best and most played games on the table .Conquer the gaming realm to become the Ultimate Champion. Registration Link: http://esya.iiitd.edu.in/events/pwned/register . For more details, visit: http://esya.iiitd.edu.in/events/pwned and https://www.facebook.com/events/1789213957976725/
7. Be The Tycoon - A business simulation contest in which participants will be tested on scenarios requiring strategy and innovation. More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/248121968902129
8. XQuizIT - An event for all of you Quizzers and techies out there to test your wits, knowledge and power of deduction. The event will feature multiple interesting rounds, with a range of genres and the theme of Esya '16- the Internet of Things!**Register here**- http://bit.ly/esya16-Quiz! Find out more at- http://esya.iiitd.edu.in/events/xQuizit and https://www.facebook.com/events/314351802287116/.
9. Rebuttal - This will test your wit and your grit with multiple rounds of challenging motions and high-quality debating. Fierce competition coupled with dangerous eliminations will make this one helluva tournament. Do you have what it takes? https://www.facebook.com/events/1648668005454001/
10. Code In Less - A programming event where the key to win is to write the shortest (and correct) code.
11. SegFault - Welcome to the world of debugging where with each passing second frustrations build. Here we'll make programmers face their worst nightmares! If you have the experience and patience, come and conquer it all. Go through a series of questions and find out the errors in them. In this event, either you win or get bitten by bugs! https://www.facebook.com/events/616346131854870/
12. Circuitrix Jr - An event which will test both your theoretical and practical skills in the field of electronics. Showcase your talents and win prizes as well as bonus marks for taking admission in IIIT-D. https://www.facebook.com/events/1013702292040833/
13. RoboSoccer - The event is a manual Robot’s Soccer challenge where we aim to find the champion soccer master in Robots. https://www.facebook.com/events/504709683072270/
14. Drishtikon - An event curated for all the design enthusiasts out there, spread across a 2 week online round and an on-campus round on Esya. Finalists from the online contest will be invited for the on-campus round which will go on for 90 minutes, followed by an exhibition, based on which the results will be declared. https://www.facebook.com/events/509462389258290/
15. Robowars - a game of styte, control, damage and aggression where the robots will pit against each other in a deadly combat. This will be a ferocious, tracherous competition with robots in an arena of destruction with their flipping tusks, pneumatic spikes, hydraulic pincer, angle grinders and lots more, slashing and wrecking other warrior robots.
16. RoboCon - An LFR (Line Following Robot) event where the team has to build and program a line-following robot. All you robotics enthusiasts out there, here is your chance to showcase your talent and win exciting prizes in the process. https://www.facebook.com/events/1760988894183704/
17. Chess - Rapid Chess Event, open to students of all schools and colleges.Time Control - 25 mins per person on the clock Registrations are now open! Prizes worth ₹30,000 to be won!
Register now at http://esya.iiitd.edu.in/events/chess/register
18. Circuitrix - A fun-filled event for college students, it will be a circuit analysis and design competition, where participants shall analyze and design both analog and digital circuits.
19. FOQS - Esya’16 is back with FOQS, the photography contest for all the passionate photographers out there. https://www.facebook.com/events/1849091465312428/
20. Mock Stocks - Brings you the ultimate simulation experience of stock trading. Trade at our virtual IIITD Exchange (IIITDX). Look out for the news updates and read those quarterly results. Predict which stock flies high and which to avoid. Trade like Bulls, Bears or Pigs, become the richest tycoon! https://www.facebook.com/events/1729825660623547/
21. HuntIT - Delhi's biggest treasure hunt is back!

Dr. Yu Kant Sami, in a conference, announces his new invention- codenamed X, a device which works on Internet of Things and has the potential to revolutionise the entire tech world. But soon after the conference, Dr. Yu seems to be missing and of course, X is gone too.
Read the rest here: https://www.facebook.com/events/976156442481615/
22. Laser Tag - An open, first-person shooting event, where participants aim and shoot (tag) their opponents, in a battlefield. At a time, around 6-10 people are expected to play and the game can be played individually in a free for all format. https://www.facebook.com/events/979294092167172/
23. Big Bang - A celestial quest through the stars. We present to you an amazing online and four on the spot baffling rounds based on practical astronomy, identification and trivia.
24. Darwin Games - An onsite programming contest that tests not only how proficient you are with programming but also how well you can learn and adapt when placed in an entirely new environment.
25. Majestic Ads - Short film making competition. It will be an online event. Contestants will be asked to prepare short ads,animation videos or any type of video on any theme of their choice. The videos will be judged on the basis of quality, content and incorporation of the themes in the ads and facebook likes as well.
26. HackIIITD – We invite all developers and hardware hackers to IIIT-Delhi's annual hackathon.
HackIIITD will bring together the best talent in the country for making potentially daily-life-changing products in a single night, fueled by grit, creativity, and most importantly, coffee.
For more information, visit https://hack.iiitd.in/ and https://www.facebook.com/events/597389250441239/
27. Chakravyuha - The online cryptic hunt which is a collection of multiple rounds each carrying a question. As the user answers a question correctly, he proceeds to the next round. https://www.facebook.com/events/799450000155944/
28. E-Conclave - your chance to launch your idea into a competitive real world product. First of its kind, the event will feature online proposal submission followed by on-site competition and pitching. Pitching in front of prominent industry and academia jury, invaluable feedback and chance to get your project invested in by venture capitalists makes this event hard-to-miss.
29. Building Better Villages - This event aims to bring together students from across the nation to study, analyse and brainstorm about the various problems faced in villages and come up with an implementable solution.
30. ProSort - The onsite programming contest organised by IIIT-Delhi's programming club Foobar for Esya '16. ProSort is a team event in which the best minds across the nation compete against each other to solve algorithmic problems. https://www.facebook.com/events/975207425910257/
31. Faking The Research - A cool event which needs your creative thinking and convincing skills.
Choose any Fake topic and try to prove that it’s true.
Like- Modi is an FBI agent. Joey is smarter than Ross. Hermione and Harry are siblings.

27 Aug 2016
GRT Institute of Engineering and Technology

Technical Quiz
Cad/Solid Modeling
Aqua missile
Wire bending

27 Aug 2016
Birla Institute of Technology Jaipur

The ENIGMA Quiz Finals

Khanan '16
02 Sep 2016
Indian School of Mines

INNOVARE - Case Study
IDEATE - Paper Presentation
QuizZINE - Quiz Event
TOPOGRAPHIA - Surveying Event
IDP - Industrial Design Problem
DIGIMINE - Problem Solving using software
ROBOTICA - Robot Building
TREASURE HUNT - Puzzle Solving
NIRVANA - Poster Presentsation
PLACEMENT FEVER - Campus Placement Simulation

Singularity 2016
03 Sep 2016
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

The main events of Singularity are brainstorming fun and inspiring and filled with. Here is a list of the main events that will be held in Singularity’16-

Renaissance- Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen. Can you challenge him and his contemporaries in trying to prove physical laws using only household objects and the spirit of innovation and science?? 
Largest and one of the flagship events of Singularity’16. 

Domino Effect- Let the dominoes fall!! Try your skills in making a crazy Rube Goldberg machine to do a simple task using at least a given number of steps. Participants using a Royal Bengal Tiger or a giant blue whale will be given special credit!!(Flagship event)

Petri Dish Picasso- Play with bacteria as you try to paint the most beautiful medium. Paint on agar plates using different coloured bacterial cultures. 

Bad Ad Hoc- One very bad statement. Let's see who comes up with the best justification. Present and defend an incorrect scientific theory using crazy but logical arguments.

Clarion: It's the war of the words as excited teams shout it out to prove their points in this debate on new scientific topics where logic rules supreme.

PixelPor (online event): Describe a scientific phenomenon using a video in a self-explanatory way.
Puzzle Master: Put your brains to test with fun puzzles. So you say you can solve puzzles?? Why don’t you see what you can do in this obstacle course we have prepared designed to exhaust your puzzling capabilities

Singularity Quiz! : Put on your thinking caps on as IISER Bhopal’s own Quiz club brings you a mind whirling knowledge quest where only the best and most equipped minds will make the mark (flagship event)

Treasure Hunt- One treasure and loads of science. Can you solve the clues and get to it

Code_Play: The fastest and the most efficient programmer wins!

Armageddon: Singularity gaming competition. It’s time to respawn!
(Counter Strike, FIFA, Mortal Combat and many more!)

AGON 2016
07 Sep 2016
Calcutta National Medical College

Events Highlights
3 Bollywood artist nights + Dj night
Main events : Paradox(Fashion show),X-factor(talent hunt), Choreography,Singing,Battle of bands,Quiz(multiple),extempore,Sports,Lan gaming
Many more plz check our official website

Samplava '16
16 Sep 2016
O.P. Jindal Global University

CEO Summit
Bike Rally
Fashion Show
Dance Competition
Nukkad Natak
Jindal Go-Karting Championship
Human Foosball
Business Quiz
and many more

Tantra 2K16
22 Sep 2016
Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies Tiruvalla


Best Manager
Marketing Game
Best Management Team
HR Team


Potential Manager
Product Launch
Corporate Roadies
Angry Birds
Event Management


Business Quiz
Treasure Hunt


Short Film
Spot Dance
Spot Photography
Online Photography
Theme Show
Face Painting

Caligo 2k16
06 Oct 2016
Marian International Institute of Management

PG Events
1. Finance Game
2. Marketing Game
3. HR Game
4. Best Manager

UG Events

1. Best Corporate Game
2. Product Augmentation

Common Events
1. Photography
2. Treasure Hunt
3. Business Quiz

21 Oct 2016
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

SHOWCASE - Paper & Poster Presentation Competition
APOTHEOSIS - Model Making Competition
EXAMEN - Case Study Competition
EXEGESIS - Well Log Interpretation Competition
MUD-O-GEE - Drilling Mud Preparation Competition
BID YOUR BLOCK - Virtual Block Bidding Competition
QUID-PRO-QUO - Spot Trading Competition
CATECHIZE - International Quiz Competition
CONUNDRUM - Puzzle Solving Competition
GEO-LOG - Ge-logical Competition
Technical Sessions
Oil & Natural Gas Forum
SKETCH'D - T-shirt Designing Competition
PURPLE - Theme Based Photography Competition
VLOG FAIR - Video Blogging Competition
FUTSAL - Fun Event

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