Rock Band Competitions in College Fests, Events in October 2016.

12 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name Band Events
Gyan Manthan '16
04 Oct 2016
Ideal institute of Management and Technology

Techno + Management + Law Events

1. Business Plan( IEXPO)
2. Ad Mad Show(AD MANIAC)
3. Role Play (MIND SPARK)
4. Legal Quiz

Cultural Events
1. Street Play(VOICE OF GENX)
2. Band(Band LIBERALS 2016)
3. Tattoo Designing( INK ME)
4. Duet Dance( Rock N Roll)

Main Attraction
Dandiya Sandhya

Resurrection 2K16
07 Oct 2016
Manav Rachana International University

1. Cultural Events
1.1 Hindi Solo Singing
1.2 Classical Dance
1.3 Mono Acting
1.4 Battle Of Bands
1.5 Street Play
1.6 Mr & Ms Resurrection
1.7 Western Solo Singing
1.8 Western Solo Dancing
1.9 Western Group Dance
1.10 Group A'capella
1.11 DJ Wars
2. Media Events
2.1 Capture a Moment
2.2 Element Selfie
2.3 Create a Photo Story
3. Art Events
3.1 Origami
3.2 3D Painting
3.3 Canvas Painting
3.4 Cape Painting
3.5 Comic Strip
4. Literary Events
4.1 Youth Parliament
4.2 Muqabala-e-Filmi
4.3 Slam Poetry

Apratim 16
14 Oct 2016
Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology

-Star night
-Edm night
-Fashion show
-Mr & Ms Apratim
-Group dance
-Street play
-Stage play
-Ad mad
-Short movie
-Solo dance
-Duet dance
-Conventional debate
-Group discussion
-National parliamentary debate
-Fusion Band
-Solo instrumental
-Solo singing
-Counter strike
-Code mania
-Web/App masterz
-Bridge making
-Town planning
-Slump it
-Line follower
-Brain Quilla
-maze solver

Pride '16
17 Oct 2016
Sir Padampat Singhania University

Table tennis
Lawn tennis
Impulse(Dance Competition)
Talent Hunt... Do You Have it
Rangmanch(Drama Competition)
Band Wars

Genero '16
19 Oct 2016
ABES Engineering College

Solo Dance
Goup Dance
JOSH Talks
Guest Lecture
Model United Nations
Fashion Show
Nukkad Natak
Dalal Street
Game Of Thrones Quiz
English Debate
Hindi Debate
Mock CID
Startup Conclave
LIMCA BOOK World Record Breaking Event
Nescafe labs presented by MTV which includes:
1.Fresh Cover Artist (Best Cover Artist Hunt)
2.The Bboy/Girl Hunt (Dancers specializing in Bboying)
3.The Caricature Specialist (Cartoonists hunt)
4.Your Story (Creative Writing)
5.Shutterbug (Photographer Hunt)
6.The Short Moviemaker Hunt (short movie competition)
7.Music Cafe (hunt for a music Band)
8.Dance of Fame (Bollywood/Popular dance competition)
9.Comedy Cafe (Stand-up comedians hunt)

Thomso 2016
20 Oct 2016
IIT Roorkee

Events - Centre Stage

Footloose is a competition in which one can perform any dance from kuchippudi to parsa doble as long as it entertains the audience and keeps the judges interested.

Mr. and Ms. Thomso

Beautiful ladies and handsome hunks compete at the runway right here at IIT Roorkee for the coveted title.


The management quiz which stimulates and teases the minds of participants while teasing the sharpness and intuitive skills that they possess.


Abhivyakti is a stage play competition of thomso which brings forth the theatrical abilities of the participants.


It is an ultimate cyber gaming contest in which participants are tested on their gaming skills in FIFA, DOTA, Counter Strike and NFS.


Melodious vocalists and talented instrumentalists are given an opportunity to astound the audience with live performances.

Thomso’s Got Talent

This features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and all other performers to be the best talent of thomso.

Battle of Bands

Thus is a stepping stone for aspiring Bands to showcase their talent.

16 Frames

Event which gives an opportunity to present your cinematographic skills.

Step Up

Face-off Dance event.

Sholin Showdown

It is a football freestyle showdown for the young footballers of the country to display their soccer talent.

Rap It Up

Aspiring rappers from all over the country congregate to rap battle till the last man standing.

Street Soccer

A 4-a-side soccer tournament caged inside the basketball courts where numerous teams thrive to bag the championship.

Literati Events

Stumped: Cricket commentary competition.

Wordsworth: Constructing smaller words from a long one.

Jam: Event which tests speakers command on their language and grammatical accuracy.

Improvo-a-Ganza: Event to put up a comedy sketch.

Syncity: Event testing your knowledge of words.

Events - Informals

El Castillo: sand castle making competition

Seiger: IITR style roadies

Quiriosity: Quiz Competition

Enigma-X: Treasure Hunt

Paint Fiesta

Show the Strip: Cartoon making competition

Mad @ Ads: Ad making competition

Umang: Kite flying competition


I-Rock: Karaoke fun event
Street performances

20 Oct 2016

Dance Beats, AAVEG(Band war), Vogue(Fashion Show), Unplugged, EDM Night, Theater Night, Comedy Night and a various other events from different domains comprising of Dance, Music, Drama, Literary, Art.

Kritva 2016
21 Oct 2016
International Management Institute Delhi
New Delhi

Management Events:
LABYRINTH de Meister (Flagship)
Globus Feneratus
Pitch Please
TNT-"Time 'n Terror"
Quiz Inc

Cultural Events:
IPL Bidding
Battle Of Bands

27 Oct 2016
THDC Institute of Hydropower Engineering and Technology

Zephyr, Crescendo (War Of Bands), Counter Strike, Aakritti

Impressions 2016
10 Dec 2016
College of Engineering Pune

Dance (Terpsichore) : Dance is art. Dance is ubiquitous. It represents beauty, grace, passion, hard work, emotions in our body that are defined intricately through minuscule movements. COEP presents to the innate dancer a variety of segments to perform in.

1) Street Forward

Street dancers come forth and challenge their rivals for the ultimate face-off

2) Rangeela

Paisa vasool, fun-filled Bollywood dances

3) So Du et !

A non-thematic Solo and Duet dance module

Acting (Histriono) : Theatre is so great a part of humankind that it has become a culture. Great playwrights created characters which great actors brought to life. Acting is about enunciation, loudness, clarity and the power to convince. The ability to evoke sentiment. This is a platform to all those who believe in mastering this craft.

1) Limelight

A mono acting competition platform for amateur thespians

2) Artiskit

Performers bring the stage to life through 15-minute skits

3) Suno suno

Don’t just entertain. Educate.

4) Kaavya

The Poetry Slam section of the fest

Music (Symphonius) : Music never exists for just one person. It provides solace for all moods, for all whims. Music is the universal language, perceived by all the senses. Go solo, bring a partner, or get your clique. Immerse yourself in the sound of music.

1) SAvaNI

A Solo and Duet module for singing

2) High Current

Electrically charged music reverberates throughout the stands in the Battle of Bands

Arts & Craft (Illuminati) : True art is the epitome of aestheticism. While beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder, a real artist creates beauty too breathtaking to behold. With overbounding creativity and supreme finesse, it's your turn to bedazzle us with your artistic prowess.

1) Strokes in blinks

A fast painting competition

2) Tee two one… Sold!

T-shirt painting contest where the winner gets to auction his art

3) Wrap in Scrap

Design and create a fabulous outfit using nothing but paper!

Sixth Lense (Panorama) : With every Tom, Dick and Harry strutting about with a professional camera, true talent at filming is still rare. This is a module for dedicated filmmakers and photographers. Stun with your creativity and your ability to look at commonplace events through an uncommon perspective.

1) Box Office

Prepare short films/documentaries of 3-5 minutes

2) Free Lenser

A Photography module

Informals A -
1] Gaming Zone :
The gaming area for all true nerds

2] Adventure Sports
Paintball, Zorbing and other such fun-spiked activities

3] Bikers Showcase
A dazzling display of sleek, hardened bikes

Informals B-
1] Subway Art Gallery
An exhibition by the Arts N Crafts Club in COEP

2] Illusion Perspective
A 3D painting created by the ANC members

3] Face Painting
A face painting competition for all

Informals C-
1] Poker
The search for the best bluffmaster in the game of poker

2] Minute To Win It
A set of tasks that must be completed in a minute

3] Food Challenge
The winner eats the most from the three-course meal provided

Informals D-
1] Quiz
A trivia test based on all the trending TV Series

2] Whoz Got Talent
Entertain the audience through shayari, mimicry and the likes

Taarangana 17
03 Feb 2017
Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
New Delhi

Major Events during Taarangana are broadly classified into PRO NIGHTS, PRIME EVENTS and a variety of FUN EVENTS.
Prime Events -
Urban Thump : Gripping performances by energetic Dance crews, matching their footsteps to the best western beats.
Synnove : Appeasing to the soul, enthralling to the eyes while solo/duet performances steal your wits and cries!
Knights of The Fall : Surrendering to the rhythm in their veins, Bands battle against each other to earn the most coveted victory title.
Mr. and Ms. Taarangana : Blending the features of a Talent Hunt and a Beauty Pageant, this competition favours the search for the most desirable individuals.
Aaghaz : Where words meet wisdom and, wisdom is translated through actions ­ Street Play competition with teams focusing on various social issues.
Lilac Dreams : Style, Confidence and Costumes are the major three keys to success in the most chic event of the fest, the very famous Fashion Parade.
Digital Art : Fingers linger around the most famous design softwares, to transform a given picture into a marvel.
Creative Writing : Given a detailed setting, take time,innovate and fortify a piece with your Shakespearian instinct and imaginative writing.
War of the words : Mighty words clash and opinions staged, because it is no joke but Debate!
Antraa : Music has a way of healing your soul. A singing­in­group competition that will revive your spirit in melody and music.
Anhad : Swing to the beats of student singing sensations, competing against each other in the final solo/duet showdown.
Monochrome : Jumble and juggle with three colours to make a breathtaking master piece. Out of the three, two are decided ­ black and white but, what will the third be!
Thread Art : Minimal prop of a thread will decide, if you are capable to create a magnificient marvel of pride.
Choreo : Step up in style and groove to the beats you like. Set the theme as your mood and, perform to be the star & impress the crowd.

Aarohi 2017
24 Feb 2017
VNIT Nagpur

Cynosure : Personality Contest
ALA dance : Dance Contest
Purple Haze : Rock Band Contest
Swar Manzar : Singing Competition
Dramatics : Stage Play ,Street Play
Pentathlon : Team Event
Art Conoscenza
Film Making
Bollywood Quiz

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