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List of College Fests in IIT Kanpur, from June 2015

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No upcoming events in IIT-Kanpur

Past Events

College Events
27th Sep 2012 | Udghosh 2012 | Kanpur

9th Mar 2013 | Ideas - International Startup Challenge | Kanpur

Executive Summary Submission Mentorship Elevator Pitch Ten slide Pitch Deck Presentation
14th Mar 2013 | Techkriti 2013 | Kanpur

Ideas, The Business Plan Competition, Features Entries From Across The Nation. The B-Plans Undergo Three Stages Of Intense Scrutiny By Industrial Experts. The Victorious B-Plans Are Rewarded With Angel Funding And Incubation Opportunities. Junkyard Wars Is All About Transforming Backyard Junk Into Machines While Racing Against Time. In The Final Showdown These Machines Are Pitted Against Each Other. Robogames Are The Perfect Stage For Robot-Fanatics To Showcase Their Robotic Acumen. Over The Years, It Has Seen A Range Of Autonomous And Manual Bots- Bots That Can Dance, Bots That Can Fight And Bots That Can Write. What Sets Apart Robogames Is The Versatility And Innovation That It Has Witnessed Year After Year. Rube Goldberg Is About Deliberately Over-Engineered Machines That Perform A Very Simple Task In A Very Complex Fashion, Usually Including A Chain Reaction. Cruise Control Is An Aeromodelling Event Where IC Engine Aircraft Are Tested For Their Power, Endurance And Ability To Perform Aerobatic Manoeuvres Like The Hammerhead, Inverted Loop And Half-Cuban Eight. Soccon Is An Event Where Participants Are Invited To Find A Problem Being Faced By Our Society And Develop A Technical Solution To That Problem, In The Form Of A Working Model. Endeavour Is The Most Flexible And Open Contests At Techkriti, And Is Basically An Open Invitation To Bright Minds With Innovative Ideas From All Departments. It Also Gives Them The Rare Chance To Expose Their Ideas To Industrial Experts. It Comprises Two Competitions Strive Is An Event Which Encompasses Almost Every Field Of Engineering, Inviting Hardware Projects From All Departments With Any Innovative Idea Modelled Into A Working Project. Softkriti Is An Open Software Contest Where Programmers Are Given A Chance To Showcase Their Software Project In Form Of An Audience Display And A Presentation In Front Of A Panel Of Judges. Online Events Consist Of A Wide Array Of Competitions That Have Attracted Particpants From All Over The World In The Past. Given Below Are The Details Of Some Of The Competitions: IOPC- The International Online Programming Contest Is A 24-Hour Marathon Programming Contest Where Each Coder Has To Code Solutions To The Given Problems. In 2012, It Attracted 836 Coders Who Submitted 3868 Program Solutions. Stocksim Is The Real Time Simulation Of The Stock Market. It Keeps The Virtual Market Prices Of Shares Updated In Real-Time With The BSE And The NSE. Participants Are Given Some Virtual Money To Start With, And Allowed To Trade With The Other Players To Make A Profit. Eduvate Is The Latest Initiative Of Techkriti That Aims To Provide Virtual Solutions To Supplement Education. In Its Very First Year, Online Virtual Classrooms And Interesting Educative Applications Were Open-Sourced As A Result Of This Initiative. Crypto Is An Online Mega Event Which Takes The Participants On A Journey To Unravel Fictitious Mysteries A La Sherlock Holmes And Robert Langdon. In 2012, 1525 Participants Spent 55 Hours Trying To Unravel The Mystery, Cumulatively Contributing Over 1,00,000 Answers. Chaos Is A Contest With Just A Single Online Round Where Contestants (In Groups Of Up To Three) Are Required To Code Solutions For Given Problems In A New Language Whose Documentation Is Provided At The Time Of The Competition. In 2012, It Received 2294 Submissions From 432 Teams, As Well As A Mention From Progopedia : The Encyclopedia Of Programming Languages.
26th Sep 2013 | UDGHOSH 13 | Kanpur

There are plethora of events from Motivational Talks, Gymnastic Shows, Workshops and Sport Quizzes to various sports events like Athletics, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Weightlifting,Power lifting, Roller Hockey, Kho-Kho, Carrom, Chess, Squash, Tae Kwondo, Mini Marathon and Cycling Events. Besides witnessing fierce battle for glory, UDGHOSH offers range of informal events like wall climbing,treasure hunt,archery etc. to name a few.
13th Oct 2013 | International Heat Pipe Conferences (IHPC) | Kanpur

Fundamental studies on thermal and fluid-dynamic phenomena associated with heat pipes and closed two-phase thermosyphons, CPLs, LHPs, oscilating heat pipes, mini/micro heat pipes, etc. Theoretical and experimental studies on thermosyphons and heat pipes including CPL, LHP, oscillating heat pipes, mini/micro-heat pipes, etc. Applications in manufacturing process and material processing, including new developments of wicks, fluids, materials, modeling of corrosion and life tests. Microelectronics and power electronics thermal control applications. Heat pipe and thermosyphon application in various industries, including heat pipe heat exchangers, heat regenerators, vapor generators, renewable and new energy systems, etc. Aerospace applications of heat pipes, including spacecraft thermal control, space power systems, space experiments and high speed aircraft applications State-of-art of heat pipe development in different countries and different fields and new ideas of heat pipe development. Important dates/deadlines
24th Oct 2013 | Antaragni 13 | Kanpur

ProShows: • Prima Nocte: Opening Night- Indian Ocean Band • International Carnival: The Bonny Men Cleva Girls The Flying Eyes Derin Kivaner Gianni Dennito • Blitzkrieg: Closing Night Kavi Sammelan: The magic of contemporary poetry Model United Nations: An academic simulation of actual United Nations. Film Festival 2013: Screening Of 12 Movies from 12 European Countries Antaragni Leadership Initiative: To bring out Young Mind who can change the society India Inspired: exchange of ideas under the guidance of eminent intellectuals Synchronicity: The Rock Band Compition Junnon: Eastern Band Compitions Ritambhra: The Fashion Show Compition IITK MUN International Carnival Professional Shows DANCE DRAMATICS MUSICALS JUNOON SYNCHRONICITY FINE ARTS FILMS AND PHOTOGRAPHY RITAMBHARA DREAM ON English Literary Events Hindi Literary Events Informals Gaming Zone Antakshari Casino Competitions Filigree (Quilling) Lavolta Nukkad Stageplay Sur Antaragni Idol General Quiz Tark (Extempore) The Six Angry Men (Parliamentary Debate) Pulpy Fiction (Creative Writing) Jitterbug Dhwani Vogue Kostume Saptrang (Word Games) Sangam Estampie Kavyanjali (Poem Writing) Junoon Fashion Photography Lexicon Mafia Prelims (Word Games) Unplugged Bollywood Quiz Kavi Sammelan Calypso Scavenger Hunt Beguilement (Fun Games) Gaming Zone Family Fued Beguilement (Fun Games) Blind Date Lottery 22:00 - 22:30 Mall Stage Bollywood Tambola Self Defence Workshop Contemporary Dance Workshop Hip Hop Dance Workshop Jazz Dance Workshop Gianni Denitto (Italian Saxophonist) Cleva Girls (Finnish Dance Crew) Kobzos Ensemble (Hungarian Folk Music) Modern Art Kahani Mein Twist Manthan (Trividha) The Lone Ranger (JAM) The Wild Wild West (Mixed Words) Sombras Toure de Force Mela Quiz Gupchup (Dumb Charades) Mridaksh India Haat Velvet Lock Director's Cut Betting Treasure Hunt Clay Modelling workshop Specials AIDS Awareness Talk Derin Kivaner (Turkish Musician)
20th Dec 2013 | Sixth National Power Electronics Conference | Kanpur

Power Converters Topologies Modeling & Control EMI/EMC issues Machines & Drives Design & Optimization of conventional machines Special machines & Drives Advanced control of drives Fault diagnostics Power Electronics applications in Power systems Power Quality conditioners Design & control of FACTS devices Solid-state breakers HVDC converters & control Distributed Generation interfaces Solar PV and Wind energy interfaces and control Nano & micro-grids: AC & DC Storage system interfaces for SMES, battery, fuel cell, super/ultra capacitors, inertial storage Semiconductor Power devices & control Special applications Lighting UPS Welding/arc furnace
6th Mar 2014 | TECHKRITI'14 | Kanpur

13th Mar 2014 | Advances in Control and Optimization of Dynamical Systems (ACODS) | Kanpur

Not Available
22nd Aug 2014 | E-Summit 14 | Kanpur

Below is a brief description of all the exciting events in E-summit, 2014. COMPETITIONS Mind Your Business: This game gives exposure to the real scenario of start-ups. As entrepreneurs would be trying to raise money to fulfill their objectives, investors will be trying to maximize their profit and make more money. Compete with your rival and emerge as the best entrepreneur and investor. Pitch-ur-Product: This event gives you an opportunity to transform your innovation in forms of simple summer projects or research work into actual entrepreneurial ideas. It examines the participants’ ability to evaluate the market or the customer needs or their distribution strategy. SoCha: This competition urges you to bring up an idea to cover the loopholes in the life of common man and gives you a chance to make your idea a reality. Success in this, is largely measured by the number of lives getting transformed by your concept. So, merge business acumen with a tinge of your entrepreneurship skills to pave way for a better world. Case Study: The case study competition aims to bring together the collective intellect and assimilate innovative solutions, breakthroughs and best practices that can help change the status of a given problem. WORKSHOPS Ideas Generation: This shall refine your thought process and make you understand your own ideas better. Learn here, how the seeds of the idea you sowed should be watered and cared for to sprout into a start-up. Let's Venture: This shall get you acquainted with the nitty- gritty of the fund raising business. It will prepare entrepreneurs looking to raise angel money for their start-ups, to create investment ready profiles online, and connect to accredit investors. And don’t forget to attend the talks which will be revealed soon.
27th Sep 2014 | Prabandhan 2014 | Kanpur

9th Oct 2014 | Antaragni 14 | Kanpur

Synchronicity: The Rock Band Compition Junnon: Eastern Band Compitions Ritambhra: The Fashion Show Compition International Carnival Professional Shows DANCE DRAMATICS MUSICALS JUNOON SYNCHRONICITY FINE ARTS FILMS AND PHOTOGRAPHY RITAMBHARA DREAM ON English Literary Events Hindi Literary Events
12th Dec 2014 | FMFP 2014 | Kanpur

Not Available
19th Mar 2015 | Techkriti 2015 | Kanpur

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