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List of College Fests in IIT Delhi, from June 2015

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Past Events

College Events
19th Oct 2012 | Rendezvous 12 | New Delhi

Pronites Spectrum Kaleidoscope Blitzkrieg Dhoom Music Fest Saaz Confluence Melange Spectrum Kaleidoscope Blitzkrieg Dhoom Saaz Confluence Trendz Loat Poat Abhinay Aagaz Stuntmania Comp Events Dance & Drama English Literary Fine Arts Film Series Indoor Sports Hindi Samiti Photography Quizzing Music Informals Miss & Mr RDV Paintball RDX All Night Casino LAN Gaming Podium Laser Tag
18th Feb 2013 | Virasat 13 | New Delhi

Workshops - Dance - Music - ustad wasifuddin dagar Crafts - Smt Shanti Devi Events:- Classical Night-Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt Norwegian Jazz- Arild Andersen Trio Kathak- Pandit Rajendra Gangani Qawwali Night - Heritage Walk Yoga Camp Film Screening Santoor Night- Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
20th Feb 2013 | Entrepreneurs' Leadership Summit | New Delhi

1st Mar 2013 | Sportech 2013 | New Delhi

Athletics Football Volleyball Cricket Badminton Lawn Tennis Table Tennis Hockey Cycle Ride Informal Zones for everyone and many more Online Events , the pre fest marathon
13th Sep 2013 | Speranza 2013 | New Delhi

13th Sep 2013 | Literati 2013 | New Delhi

Concinnatio : Spelling Bee olympiad Literary Quiz Harry Potter Quiz In conversation with Ravinder Singh
18th Oct 2013 | Rendezvous 2013 | New Delhi

Major Events during Rendezvous’13 PRO NITES ˙ Spectrum – The fusion Nite ˙ Kaleidoscope – The Electronic Nite ˙ Blitzkrieg – Battle of Bands ˙ Dhoom – The Bollywood Nite o Aagaaz, Opening Ceremony o Fusion Band Performance o Lifestyle Fashion Event o EDM night o 2 headliner performances o Rock Band Competition o Group Dance Competition o Bollywood Headliner Performance Confluence – The International Festival • Food festival • Music Fiesta • Films Showcase Start-up Lounge Mr & Ms Rendezvous Udaan – The Social Initiative Informals & Counting…
15th Dec 2013 | 2nd Asian Congress on Biotechnology (ACB 2013) | New Delhi

Agri- and food-biotechnology A1 - Biofertilizers and biopesticides A2 - Novel crops for food security A3 - Food processing A4 - Seri-biotechnology Bioprocess Engineering B1 - Upstream processing B2 - Bioreaction engineering B3 - Downstream processing B4 - Food Process engineering B5 - Environmental engineering B6 - Novel bioreactor designs B7 - Project engineering B8 - Resource base and sustainability Biorefinery and Biofuels C1 - Bioethanol and other liquid fuels C2 – Biohydrogen C3 – Biomethane C4 - Commodity chemicals C5 - Speciality chemicals Enzyme & cell culture technology D1 - Biocatalysis and Biotransformations D2 - Microbial fermentations D3 - Plant cell culture D4 - Animal cell culture D5 - Waste remediation D6 - Enzymes in food applications Health care biotechnology E1 - Biopharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals E2 – Vaccines E3 – Biodiagnostics E4 – Biosensors E5 - Biomaterials, tissue engineering & regenerative medicine Biotechnology tools F1 – Genomics F2 – Proteomics F3 – Bioinformatics F4 - Computational Biology F5 - Systems and Synthetic Biology F6 - Nano-biotechnology F7 - High resolution analytical methods Bioindustry forum G1 - Bioeconomy, bioentrepreneurship, Biosafety, IPR & Regulatory issues
27th Feb 2014 | Sportech 14 | New Delhi

Pre-fest mini-marathon on 23rd February Atletics Badminton Basketball Chess Cricket Cue Combat Football Hockey Table Tennis Lawn Tennis Volleyball Sports Quiz Panel discussion with sports personalities A plethora of online events!
17th Oct 2014 | Rendezvous 2014 | New Delhi

20th Feb 2015 | PARIVARTAN 15 | New Delhi

1) Aperture 2) Corporate Roadies 3) B-Ception 4) Finatics 5) Mark E Dictiion 6) Modis Operandi 7) Quizster
26th Feb 2015 | Innovation Contest-2015 | New Delhi

Not Available
27th Feb 2015 | Sportech'15 | New Delhi

Not Available
15th Jun 2015 | Indian Case Challenge 15 | New Delhi

Indian Case Challenge

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